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Rodent Control

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Rodent Control

"Mice and rodents are the trouble makers in your house. The smell of food attracts them. Rodents are known to be carriers of dangerous diseases. They create a lot of damage to your expensive things that are kept in home. They destroy furniture, create holes in clothes, gnaw through grain or eatables rendering them unfit to be eaten. In order to get rid of them you can book Gapoon and can get the rodent control in your home."

Benefits of Rodent Control Service

Through us you are able to get away with this sneaky creatures. Our rodent free treatment ensures that the rats will not renter your premises. But what needs to be taken care by the homeowners is that the food is stored well in containers and garbage is disposed of everyday.


Rohit Singh

Perfect service Took pest control service. Serviceman was on tym nd delivered the work perfectly.

Durai R

NICE IDEA, Good starts, Thanks! Please Add more Cities ( Like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, hyderabad, Chennai , Trivandrum). Then it will be use for all.

Archit Rathi

A really useful app Nicely structured app that helps take care of all home maintenance related emergencies. Must have app for those moments.

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