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Full House Deep Cleaning

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Upon Inspection
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Full House Deep Cleaning

"Even though we do our best to keep our house sparklingly clean, often it requires professional help to make it look picture perfect. Our full house deep cleaning services ensures every nook and corner of the house is scrubbed, cleaned and polished. Cobwebs, dirt and stains will not be a part of your household after you have availed of this service. Our team of professional servicemen ensure that your bedroom, dinning room, drawing room, kitchen, bathrooms and even the common utility area looks squeaky clean. Whether you are moving in as tenant into a house which was not inhabited for a long period or a house owner renting out his flat and wants to clean his flat before handing the flat to the tenant or you had a crazy party last night leaving your house in a even crazier mess-whatever may be the situation, our full house deep cleaning service is the perfect cleaning service solution. So do not worry about hosting the party you have planning to throw, thinking about the mess that is going to follow the next morning! Simply book for full house deep cleaning services in Sivanchetti Gardens, Bangalore at Gapoon.com and party hard at your home without a worry!"

Benefits of Full House Deep Cleaning Service

There are lot of benefits if you book the service via Gapoon. We have standardized economical rates. We also have annual maintenance packages that can be customized as per your budget & requirements. In terms of health and hygiene, the cleaning services helps you. Your home and also take care of your and your family’s health. We use advanced machines specialized for full house deep cleaning & avoid using any harmful chemicals & acids that might be harmful to your health. All you need to do is sit and relax while our verified and trusted professionals clean your home and make it picture perfect.

What is Included in Full House Deep Cleaning Service?

  • Cleaning of bedrooms and living areas.
  • Walls, windows-doors, fans and all other fixtures cleaning.
  • All types of furniture are properly dusted.
  • Cabinets are cleaned inside out.
  • Interior glass & mirrors cleaning.
  • Floors are scrubbed by polisher machine.
  • Tiles and walls are thoroughly scrubbed with specialized machines.
  • Cleaning of fixtures like toilet-bowl, sink, shower and bath-tub.
  • Exhaust fans, lights, switchboards and mirrors are properly cleaned.
  • Tiles, walls & kitchen platform are scrubbed thoroughly with specialized machines.
  • Cleaning of Gas stove, electrical appliances and chimney.
  • Cleaning of fixtures like fans, lights and ceiling.
  • Utility areas associated with kitchen are also cleaned properly.
Additional Cleaning
  • Sofa and carpet are vacuumed.
  • Balconies & utility areas cleaning.
  • Add on services of wall shampooing, sofa/ carpet shampooing available on request.

What is the difference between basic & Full House Deep Cleaning service?

Although both type of cleaning involves full house covering all the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen & utility areas, they mainly differ in the detailing of the cleaning process as mentioned. In basic cleaning:

  • Floors are manually scrubbed.
  • Kitchen appliance and cabinets are cleaned from outside only.
  • Sofa/ carpet are dusted.


Neel Mohanty

Got my full house cleaned along with plumber & pest control-hell yeah! I am going to Gapoon again & again. Absolute value for money!

Apurva Sengupta

Home cleaning The overall experience was excellent. The servicemen reached in time snd performed suberbly.

Ayush Agarwal

Used the application to book a full house cleaning service. An amazing experience. Whole process is real smooth right from booking to getting service done to getting the invoice and registering feedback. Indeed a must try!

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