Your guide for preparing home when going for long summer vacations


It’s finally that time of year when everyone is in mood to get their time off from daily chores and offices Courtesy the almost pleasant weather and kid’s vacations. So before you jet off to your holidays, here’s a list of precautions you should take before take off to your dream place. .


Automated security features

If you’re late to party, there’s ton of companies who are providing awesome home automation and security features.
This does not stop to security cameras but extend to lighting and appliance control and remote locking. So burglars can’t even guess if house is vacant or not. You can make it even more fancier with timed sprinklers.

home automation

Spare keys

This is your home and not your dorm room. Keeping spare key above the door or below the carpet or inside that flower pot, no matter how cleverly camouflaged won’t help you. So grow up and get rid of that thing.
In case you manage to loose it, our carpenters provide the service for breaking locks too 🙂



House that looks lived in always less likely to get hit.
Make sure your timers are random and come on and off in an unpredictable pattern from day to day in order to keep potential poachers on their toes.


Stopping mails and newspaper delivery

No giveaway will be better than piling newspaper, pamphlets and mails. While you can’t control everything, make sure you ask your newspaper, credit card company to stop for a given time.
Best bet would always be to ask someone trustworthy enough to keep a check on mails and remove the unnecessary ones.


Energy issues

It’s excellent that you’re using timers to mitigate burglars but remember, a erratic power bill is as capable as any burglar out there. Make sure you remove the plug of heavy consumption devices like your big ass plasma TV, refrigerator et al. That’ll also protects these items from the havoc of power surges that might occur while you’re basking in the sun.

plugging off

Although we don’t provide private security, just in case you need help for any household service from electrician to plumbing to fixing damaged furniture, give Gapoon a call.
Also, Happy Holidays 🙂

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