Why Should you opt for GMC?

We’ve had several people ask us about the advantages (or otherwise) about our GMC Packages.

What is GMC?
Gapoon Maintenance Cover are exclusively-designed packages for you. These packages have been designed after a lot of research, and inputs from our clients.

There are 3 packages:
Package 1: Including all kinds of services such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters – basically, for your basic home maintenance.
Package 2: Covering appliances. Basically, for everything from your washing machine to refrigerators to grinders.
Package 3: Home Cleaning & Pest Control.


How Does This Benefit Me?

Think about how much money you spend on each visit of an electrician or plumber? On average, every house requires the visit of a service provider at least 2-3 times a year.

We tend to pile up the tasks if possible – the leaking tap, the creaking fan, the broken window, the wobbly sofa – so we can have enough things to make it worthwhile to call a service provider. You live unhappily in the meantime, trying hard to avoid the broken / non-functioning part.

You live with non-functioning appliances because you have not had the chance to take it to the local shop! Many of us put off little tasks that need a carpenter, simply because it is tough to get one of them to visit your house to fix a door or window.

Independent vendors charge at least INR 500 per visit. Then they charge you for the parts, without offering any warranty on it. So a simple visit by an electrician or plumber costs you an average of INR 1,500 per visit. Any appliance repair, if the technician visits home, costs you INR 500 per visit.

Do the math. In a year, you are spending nearly INR 10,000 on technicians and service providers! This is not including the spare parts you might need.

Now, with GMC Package 1 & 2, we assure you unlimited visits for the service providers mentioned. There is no additional service fee!
Plus any spare parts under INR 200 are covered in the package.
AND we offer you a warranty on these parts!

With Gapoon Package 3, you get scheduled house cleaning and pest control services twice a year!

All this with just a single click! Visit www.gapoon.com to register today!



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