Tips for taking care of your laptop.

mac-459196_640Since your laptop is basically your lifeline; assisting you from work to entertainment, we definitely wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. let’s look at some ways to take care and ensure maximum life out of it.




  • Drinks and Eatables
    We know how everyone likes to gorge on food while watching their favourite flick or while working on a mundane assignment or project. Try not to.
    Liquids can short/damage internal components, corrupt data or worse, make keys stick or not function.
    Small crumbs can go inside keyboard and prevent them from depressing totally or damage circuitry.WEB-bigstock-Notepad-laptop-and-coffee-cup-47960903
  • Keep it away from pets
    As attached you’re with your pet, the fur and hair can get into internals and damage them. Also larger animals (e.g dogs) can accidentally damage them by knocking them off their support by brushing past, wagging tail, tripping over leads etc or you know, try to eat your screen 😛pets
  • Keep it clean and dustfree
    How many times has the sales guy emphasized on keeping laptop dust free and clean? or when you take your beloved laptop to service centre, get in opened and see a thick layer of dust in internals and yet another lecture on how important it is to keep laptop clean.clean
  • Display
    Be it your fancy IPS display or Retina screen, being one of the most critical part of laptop, it’s important you take care of it. Make sure there’s no pencil or other small object before closing.
    Also, for the love of god, don’t pick the laptop with screen, do that with the base.display techrepublic
  • Power
    Don’t let it hanging, unless it’s magsafe. Keep it tied up or stick with tape, else your laptop might just fall along with it. Also, don’t roll your chair all over the cord, take some pain and organize the cords.118273e27d71ef430cfe9f4b1991c4c9
  • Exposing your laptop to rapid temperature changes
    Rapid temperature fluctuations are never good. The reason being metal components inside the hard disk can expand and contract rapidly. If these are being accessed at the time, they may even crack causing partial, if not total, data loss. So try not to leave it inside car as temperature fluctuates quite rapidly in there.zhangcorner
  • Bag and case.
    Try making extra effort in picking up the right kind of case or bag for laptop as not only will it protect it from scratches but also from potential drops.4018d85058032e95b7f0179bae7507c8

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