Things you might be doing wrong before sleeping

bed-945881_640A night’s sleep can make your day and break it as well. Cut down a few hours of our necessary sleep and we are cranky, dull looking and unable to perform well. In the bigger picture, not getting your daily quota of proper sleep can cause health issues too. Following is a list of things that you might be doing wrong and holding yourself back from getting your much needed sleep.



1. Don’t sip coffee or tea before bedtime.
Beverages like coffee and tea are designed to work like magic and make you work without sleep. They, basically, are sleep killers. Having them before bed is like a suicide mission for your sleep! If you really need something to sip on, warm milk with your favorite flavor is a good option.

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2. Is that dinner right?
Avoid heavy greasy food before going to bed. Might give you a stomach ache of indigestion and a few extra pounds to add in your weight. In dinner, go for proteins instead, might save your midnight trips to the kitchen. If you still find yourself there, be sure to make it light and down it with water.


3. Are you tired enough?
If your body does not deserve that sleep, it will not get it well. Make sure you are tired enough, emotionally and mentally at the end of the day. Exercising is one way to go about it. Otherwise that lamb count is reaching a three digit number with all the tossing and turning.


4. When you sleep accounts for how much you sleep.
The later you sleep at night, the more amount of sleep your body requires to function well. Sleep requirement for everyone differs. Some need eight, some work fine with just five as well. But the more you delay your bed time, you surely are adding hours to your sleep requirement.

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5. Do you know your body needs light?
Human body has a biological clock that ticks with the production of a hormone called Melatonin. To feel sleepy, you need your Melatonin. And this Melatonin is generated in dimly lit environment. Therefore, to prevent feeling drowsy during the day, get as much sunlight as you can and to increase the Melatonin production at night try and not light up your home too much. Avoid the TV. And all other gadgets with screens, that covers most of them! 😛


6. De-stress before sleeping.
Don’t pressurise your brain with work or to do list for the next day. Also don’t keep a clock in your direct line of sight. The anxiety of not being able to fall asleep actually doesn’t let you sleep. You don’t need to pressurise yourself as to how much time you need to fall asleep, all you would be doing is calculating how much time you have left to spend in the bed!


7. The position counts!
The position you sleep in very crucial. Some weird position you fell asleep in can be a pain in the neck, literally! Not just neck, but back and joints too. The best prescribed position is on your back.
A good pillow and a comfortable mattress are equally important.


8. Don’t put your brain cells to work just before sleeping!
When you let your mind running behind things, it’s never going to find its sleep! Especially if you are thinking about exciting things. If you manage to sleep with being too involved in things, you’re surely going to dream about them. Those dreams might not be rainbows and unicorns exactly.



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