Things We All Love About Rakshabandhan

1Rakshabandhan is one of the most cherished festivals listed in Indian calendars. This day celebrates the love in all those silly brother-sister fights and those mischievous pranks you have played on each other. But just one ritual of tying the rakhi is not responsible for all the excitement and enjoyment. There are so many other factors that make the day absolute fun and memorable!

  • FOOD!!!

    No matter what occasion it is, food is mandatory for celebration. Festive season is the season to gain weight and leave all your diet plans behind. Be it yummy Gulab Jamuns, bright Jalebis or delicious Katlis; the food never ceases to be any less mouth watering. Also those who have stayed away from home would agree upon the need of ‘Ma ke haath ka khana’.


  • Gifts!!!

    Irrespective of whether your sister is five or fifty, the process of unwrapping a gift from that colourful shiny paper will always make her eyes sparkle with glee. Though if you want to make sure the sparkles are the brightest, be sure to pick out the right gifts. Well to be on a safe side, keep the receipts 😛 ! Still fumbling over what to gift you sister this Rakshabandhan? Checkout our previous blog post here for some gift suggestions.



  • Rakhis, rakhis, Everywhere!

    There seem to be rakhis on almost every guy’s wrists! The vivid colourful bands decorate everyone’s hands and are a reminder of the loving family we are always surrounded with. Some crafty ones of us take special delight in making Rakhis themselves. It’s time to tease back too! The constant threat of tying rakhi and bro-zoning your guy friends is surely funny and their reactions make it even more entertaining!


  • It’s party time!

    Festivals always bring family and friends together. You get to meet your long lost cousins after months! Some of them make our jaw drops-“how much can people change?” Do think people fly down and travel hundreds of miles for getting just a Rakhi tied? No! It’s all about sharing memories, being nostalgic, meeting family, sharing a few good laughs and of course, partying!

  • The social updates & new DPs!

    Clicking tonnes of photographs and treasuring them for cherishing later is done by everyone! After the Rakhi Day, all Facebook and Whatsapp Dps are in a Kurta or some ethnic wear. The status updates suddenly become sugar coated and love dripping for their siblings!


  • It’s a holiday!

    Even if you aren’t much into Rakhi , it gives you a holiday! No work ! No Studies! Just lean back on that recliner and have a fun time and rejoice with your family cherishing all love.



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