The world of online dating: Pros & Cons

hearts-37308_640Online dating is becoming majorly popular. It works too well for some and too horrible for some. Some even enjoy a good laugh out of it. Just like everything else in the world, it has got two sides too.
Following are the pros and cons of online dating. To save you some trouble and time weigh your options before you go for it!





1. You get to remake your personality
Virtual personality solely depends on what you write in the “interests”, “hobbies” and “Views” fields and the kind of pictures you upload. All it takes is typing…
Since the person at the other end is in no contact with people who know you, you can emerge as a whole new being… might not turn out too well if you’re at the receiving end in this bargain though, therefore think before you exploit this feature! 😛


2. You get more time to respond
Any kind of interaction determines how we feel about the other person. A more thought out response has a tendency of seeming better. For example being more funny or searching something on Google.

3. Your sample space increases
The number of people you know increases exponentially. The person you would be dating is chosen from a wider ocean now. More options is always a good thing!


4. Getting straight to the point
There is no “friends” phase and no fear of “friend-zone”. It’s sure as the sky is blue that you’re interested in only dating, quite a time saver actually.

5. You meet people with similar interests
Many websites set you up with people of same interests as you do. Having a common ground, people find it easier to build connections and when it comes to spending time together you have a list of things lined up to do!



1. Safety issues
Not to scare you or anything but the other person might just be a psychopath….! It’s obvious that since you picked up the other person online, you can’t have much information about him or her. It’s best to say you don’t know anything more than what they told you about themselves…in today’s world that is not exactly a safe way to go about.


2. High expectations
When people change themselves online completely, your expectations who fell in love with  virtual avatar come crumbling down. Also people seem to better online as they get to think before they actually respond to you!

3.No mutual friends
Since you both have zero mutual friends, it might become weird hanging out with their friends. Extroverts can still talk their way through this, but for introverts it’s the first day of school all over again.

con3 (1)
4. It is highly un-romantic!
Admit it, no one wants a fabricated love story. You want to be able to tell how you first met and you knew he/she was the one for you!

con4 (1)




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