Relive your childhood with a 90s throwback

Cartoon-45671735339_xlargeChildhood is the most beautiful and enjoyable phase of our life. One of the fondest memories of our childhood revolve around the cartoon shows that we watched. Those cartoons might seem silly now but everything related to our childhood is worth cherishing. They barely telecast those shows anymore. The earlier Cartoon Network has become CN now.


Following are some of the cartoon shows that are sure to make you smile with nostalgia.


  •  Tom and Jerry
    Everyone with a television set is aware of Tom and Jerry. This show has been a constant entertainment to kids of all age groups. The ways in which Tom’s plans turn back on him are simply funny and make everyone laugh!

    tom and jerry
    Never gets old. via-
  •  The Jetsons and The Flintstones
    These two shows were set in exact opposite time zones. The Flintstones was a peep into history of beginning of human civilisation with dinosaurs as dogs and almost everything else made of stone whereas The Jetsons was a view of our future with flying cars and cool gadgets!

    jetsons and flinstones psu.ed
    Best of both..time? via-
  • Popeye the Sailor man
    Popeye was always appreciated by all the parents. He was used as an inspiration for feeding Spinach and anything green to the kids. After all spinach gave Popeye instant strength to fight bad guys like Brutus and save his Olive.

    popeye comicvine
    It’s upcoming original movie poster looks dope! via-comicvine
  • Pokemon
    Pokemon was one of the best series that made kids throw balls around the house pretending and wishing pokemons to glow out of them. Ash’s adventure seemed like our own and how can the adorable Pikachu be left out?

    Coz pikachu no like the pokeball!
  • Looney Tunes Show
    This show included a bucket full of characters. Loony Tunes directs us to Bugs Bunny’s “Hey what’s up, Doc?”; Sylvester’s failed attempts of gulping down Tweety and the tornado of Taz!

    looney playtunes
    Tazz is absent! via-playbuzz
  • Scooby Doo
    The most ironical cartoon! The most easy to scare Great Den catches all the ghosts like dressed culprits doing illegal businesses. Intelligent Velma, Beautiful Daphne, Smart Fred and a big time foodie Shaggy along with Scooby Doo formed an awesome sleuth team travelling everywhere in their Mystery Van.

    scooby variety
    The mystery machine! via-variety
  • Powerpuff Girls
    Some Professor added chemical ‘X’ to a recipe and Powerpuff Girls were born! Three little girls; sensitive Bubbles, Tomboy Buttercup and wise Blossom, with superhero powers save the world from evils like Mojo Jojo.

    wikipedia powerpuff
    via- wikipedia
  •  The Mask
    This was an adaptation of Jim Carrey’s famous movie the Mask into cartoon form. The characteristic yellow suit with a green face and a bald head can never be forgotten!

    mast cartonnnetwokr
    The Mask! via-cartoonnetwork
  • Johnny Bravo
    Blonde. Great body. And always flirting. Johnny Bravo was one of funniest cartoons, overly conscious of his looks, trying to impress women all the time!

    jonny cave
    That disproportionate figure though. via-johnnybravo.wikia


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