Is regular cleaning enough for your home?


It is not uncommon for you maid’s mother in her far-flung village to fall sick when you have decided to clean your house for the upcoming festival season. Still, after spending hours on cleaning the house by yourself, the neighbouring Rao aunty finds a corner in your house which appears like an ancient cave.It does not take time for your reputation as a lazy bum to spread in the colony, but can this be undone.

In a nuclear family, the men take the responsibility of chores in the house, but the scale is tilted in favor of the women. Regular cleaning, however, takes up a major chunk of the time, and most of the time it is ineffective.

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A recent study showed that regular cleaning could sanitize only the visible surface, while hard to reach surfaces are not cleaned regularly. The area behind the toilet, furniture, and refrigerator are always left untouched. These leads to sanitization issue where harmful bacteria and fungi can breed if left unattended. It leads to a cascading effect on the health especially if a young child is in the house; their health is an indicator of the sanitization of the home. However many are reactive, they will not look into these unhealthy areas until there is an outbreak of the disease in the family or there is a frequent illness within the family.

Deep Cleaning is one of the most effective ways to tackle the sanitation issue. All you need is a bunch of hospital grade disinfectant and a pair of gloves.The supplies are not hard to find, but the effort required to do thorough deep clean is about three times than regular cleaning.

A better way to disinfect the house is to hire a professional service  which specializes in deep cleaning. Hiring a professional service will not only save your time but also ensure that a detailed cleaning is performed which cannot be done by a novice. Another advantage of using a deep cleaning is the procedure followed by professionals, most of the hospital-grade disinfectants have a gestation time and if not used accordingly will be ineffective. Also, the high-grade equipment like Wet extractor, Rotatory Machine and power sweepers ensure there’s no corner left. Having these detailed cleaning performed five or six times a year will not burn a hole in your pockets but will protect your family.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. Cleaning your home deeply with a little extra help will ensure it gets the happy vibe it deserves. From small corners to big spaces, get them a shiny feel and make your home more admirable to live in.

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