Party Themes to welcome the New Year!

New Year is just around the corner. If you are still scratching your head what kind of party to throw, we have the perfect ideas for you! Read on& let us know which one is your favourite:

1. Bollywood Theme party
If you eat, drink and sleep Bollywood, then a Bollywood theme party is the perfect way to start the New Year. You can keep it a costume party or just stock up Bollywood themed props and your guests can add them to their outfits!
For the décor, throw in loads of old Bollywood posters, bright led lights, colourful dupattas! You can even get cut outs of famous Bollywood characters(Yes, just like life size cutout of Mandakini that Arjun gifted Dadu in Kapoor& Sons) So starting from Mogambo, Thakur, Shehensha, Raj Simran, all can be a part of your party!
Play games like “Never have I ever” with a twist. Make a list of famous Bollywood movies. Each person says a famous Bollywood movie name aloud- if any person “Never have he/ she ever” seen the movie, then he/she has to drink!

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Black and Gold themed party
Is classy your second name? Or golden glitters make world a happy place for you?
Then going for a black and golden coloured theme party will be the perfect for you.
Add a bit of these two colours in everything like golden covers for all your muffins, black paper lantern with golden lightes to light up your house, golden bowties for the gentlemen and golden hair clips or corsage for the ladies!

gold black 2017

3. Chilling session
If you hate loud music and the thought of a huge gathering makes you cringe then throw a pyjama party at home. Invite your c friends or family over and do a movie marathon or a book reading session or play some board games. Make it a rule for all those present that they need to be in casual comfy clothes. Store your kitchen with lots of good food, drinks and you are all ready to start the new year on a comfy note.

Happy New Year Themes, Popcorn, Movie Marathon,Finger Foods,Board Games

4. Kids party
Why should grown ups have all the fun? Throw in a new year party for your prince and princess in the afternoon.
Since Mouna and Maui are the new hero in the block , you can plan a treasure hunt where the kids have to find Tefeti’s heart!
Or pack the day with loads of board games and finger foods.
Have your kids usher in the New Year with loads of fun, frolic and laughter.

Kids Party, New Year Party Theme

Follow any of these ideas and your party will surely be an inspiration for many for the coming year!
While making all these preparations and being the perfect host/hostess do not forget to enjoy yourself also! Do not fret about the mess that is being made. Whether it’s the spilled food on your favourite sofa, drinks on that very expensive Persian carpet or the condition that you see the house after the party- let it not weigh you down! Let the professionals help you out.
Book for Gapoon’s after party clean up services and start the new year morning on a relaxed note.



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