New year resolutions and how to stick to them

New year resolution
Another year has gone by past us. Now instead of contemplating how fast the time has gone by, we prepare ourselves for the new year to come. Among the celebrations, party-tips, gift-guides, our accounts are flooding with one more topic of interest: New-year Resolutions.

Although no-one needs a specific date to let go of some old bad habits or acquire new one, we cannot deny the effectiveness & determination a certain New-Year resolutions brings plus its always great to reflect upon the old ones. Here we have some quick tips to make your 2017 a slightly more successful one, at-least in terms of resolutions:

  1. Dedicate the year to better physical health & fitness

Although this is the most popular one when it comes to resolutions, people often fail at this the most owing to unrealistic expectations. If you would set goals like going to gym 6 times a week, you are most likely to get bored & give up.

Instead pick up a couple of things you like that also keeps your body engaged. You can keep rotating these things monthly/ quarterly or weekends to weekends. This rotation will not only keep you occupied but you would gain new skills and be engaged for the entire year without getting bored. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Group Classes: Try a month long activity like Aerobics, Zumba, Spinning, Yoga. Its a fun change & you would make new friends too.
  • Develop new skills: Give Boxing, MMA, Swimming or Self-defence class a shot. Classes like this provide the much needed functional training for the body.
  • Pick up a fun hobby: Why not try new style of dancing, it may be a weekend class to add to your mix of other activities.
  • Engage yourself with sports: Played badminton during school? Re-engage with your good-old love for sports. There are many active clubs in the city which regularly hosts matches & practice sessions. Give it a try.
  • Gym subscription: If you have never tried weight training before, get a gym membership. If you are more dedicated, you can hire a personal trainer as well.
  • Eat healthy: If you are crossing the age of 25, it is high time that you pay attention to what you are putting in your body. Learn to cook healthy meals try incorporating as much fresh fruits & vegetable while avoiding processed foods.


2. Make yourself smarter

As you leave school/ college, there is less & less to tantalize your mind on a daily basis. Did you know your IQ decreases with age after 20s-30s! All the more reason to pay some more attention. Here are a few ways you can work on making yourself smarter everyday

  • Be current with News: Whether you are old-fashioned newspaper reader or the new age app-updated generation. Being aware of the current affairs is always a good skill at disposal. There are great apps like InShorts which keep you on-track with very little effort
  • Have fun with quizes/ puzzles app: Play a game of ‘Quiz-up’ or indulge some other puzzle/ quiz game of your choice. App store is filled with so many options. Make it more fun & have your friends join you in.
  • Be more observant of your surroundings: Learn to pay more attention in whatever tasks you are doing. Simple activities like observing the road while driving, noting a new route etc. can make you self aware.
  • Read more books: Sometimes I feel that book-reading has become a lost art. Rekindle your love with reading, it will not only give you a good time away from laptop/ mobile screens that we are always sunk in but also widen your horizons. Fiction, Auto-biographies, Self-help, there are so many good options to choose from.


3. Dedicate some time toward improving relationship with your self

Its a tough world out there. Most of us grow up with so many insecurities of our own. Make 2017 a year to let go & show a little more self love. Believe us, it will go a long way!

  • Ditch bad habits: Want to quit smoking, nail-biting or something else. Why not include it in your new year resolution. Start small & let go.
  • Practice meditation: With increasing stress our frustration levels have also risen. Don’t let the mundane things in life bother you anymore than they should. Meditation is a great tool that aids you in decreasing stress level & keep you more energized throughout the day.
  • Stop body shaming: Get over body shaming. Stop fidgeting over what you dont like about yourself rather admire your best features & attributes. It goes a long way in developing confidence
  • Take out some ME time: Find little pockets of time dedicated to solely yourself. Whether you enjoy a early morning peace time or a late evening wrap around. A good me-time activity will help you unwind & relax.


4. Bring some pace to your life

Be spontaneous. Planning is good but don’t let yourself fall into a rut. Start everyday with excitement. Try new things:

  • Plan a spontaneous vacation or road trip
  • Get a pet
  • Go dancing or Karoke
  • Be a ‘YES’ man/woman
  • Change the way your dress or change your hair

5. Be grateful, reward & go easy on yourself

Lastly, go easy & don’t beat yourself up constantly. Reward yourself with little pampering at the spa or a nice present. Be grateful & you will start enjoying your new year a little bit more.

You can choose one or all of the above. Don’t be overwhelmed or beat yourself up over failed attempts. The trick is to incorporate these resolutions as a lifestyle change.

Laugh more, worry less & cheers for the best years to come!




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