Need a fun way to jazz up the festive family reunions?

family-521551_640Festivals tend to bring families together. And at times it tends to get boring with so many people of different ages, interested & the added hustle- bustle of the festival. Playing games is one way to have tonnes of fun and get closer to the family. And when you have all your cousins, uncles & aunts gathered up, this could be a great alternative to watching TV or just trying to roam around aimlessly.




Following are some of the games that help in washing away the festive hustle bustle and land us back in our childhood days:

1. Cards!
Cards is the first thing that pops in the mind when we think of family games. The normal deck of 52 and the Uno cards are some things that have no age bars on them. Everyone in the family, from kids to grandparents enjoys them!


2. Board games!
Board games include more than half of the world of games. We started off with Ludo and Snakes and ladders followed by Scarbble and LIFE then finally to monopoly. Board games are easy and fun ways of bringing family together.


3. Games that now have apps!
Many games like Taboo now come as android apps. For those of you who don’t know, Taboo is a game in which you have to let your team know of a certain word by your verbal skills but without using a certain list of words. You no longer have to buy it in material, but just download the app and enjoy playing!


4. Dumb Charade!
This is apparently the most famous game of our country. Any group meeting and we come up with Dumb Charade, no further discussion needed as to what should be played! And if you have some special Bollywood/ Hollywood affection, this game could be so much fun to guess & enact.


4. Pictionary!
Pictionary is dumb charade of writers and artists. 😛 Instead of movies all you have to enact is specific word using pictures! Pictionary comes with same frenzy as dumb charade!


5. Bingo!
Some might call it a game for old aunts having their tea in the sun, but that’s not true. One or two games of bingo can actually prove to be loads of fun. Plus it is not much work, just look at the number and strike it off, good game for all the lazy people! 😛

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6. Tug of war!
A good tug of war needs lots of people because well, a war needs lots of people! It is also a good way of pushing kids out of their techy-filled world into the real one.

7. Jenga!
Game can be really frustrating at times but sure teaches you control!


8. Carom!
No, you can’t call it a board game even though it uses a board. 😛 You just have to know how to play it. Not many hard rules but everyone hasn’t got magic fingers!




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