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It is easy to be swayed by the big billion day offers on Amazon and Flipkart for electronic appliances, but in general the life expectancy of such appliances is longer than the quarterly discount days that these e-commerce giants schedule. The average life expectancy of these appliances is more than 8 years but many start to function abnormally from the second year of its operation.


Appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators start consuming more electricity thereby adding to the cost. Geysers lose their effectiveness and have to be cranked up half an hour early before we can use it. Washing Machines cannot take enough load and break down frequently. The best way to ensure that these appliances live up to their potential shelf life is to service them periodically. Regular servicing not only does improve the efficiency but also translate into large rupee savings. While the frequent maintenance may cost more, but the consumers save through lower energy bills year after year. An average household saves up to 16 K off their energy bills due to servicing.


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Appliance blog-04Refrigerator is likely to be the most used appliance in the kitchen and also the largest consumer of energy. Proper Maintenance will reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the refrigerator

1. Clean the condenser coils:
Condenser coil regulate the temperature and when dirt or dust clings to them it becomes harder for the refrigerator to remove heat. Use vacuum, long handled bristled brush or call a technician to have the coils properly cleaned.

2. Clean the interiors:
Use a damp cloth along with a cleaning solution like the stainless steel cleaner to wipe and remove the stains and grit from the shelves and the walls. Clean the door and handle as well along with the

1. Neglect the gaskets
Gaskets act as a sealant for the cold air to circulate inside the refrigerator. Most of the time it is the first component which needs replacement. Before you can call the technician to replace the gasket, apply a small amount of Vaseline to them to strengthen them and prevent them from cracking.

2. Keep it in the vicinity of heat sources
Another way to save and increase the life of a refrigerator is to keep the unit away from microwaves and gas ranges. The ambient temperature near the refrigerator affects the efficiency of its operations.




Appliance blog-02A working women’s savior is the Microwave. The usage of Microwave is so varied that special care needs to be taken for it.

1. Clean After every use
After every use of the microwave, give it a clean afterwards using a damp cloth. Clean the doors, inside panels and glass turntables a quick wipe to remove the grit from the spillage of food.

2. Regular Thorough Clean
On Regular Basis thorough clean the microwave by removing all parts of the Microwave. Use industry grade cleaner to clean the parts or call an appliance service provider to clean it more efficiently.

1. Leave food spillage
Food spillage and splatters if not cleaned at the earliest are the most difficult to remove. The stale odor and the bacteria from such spillage mar the other foods along with reducing the efficiency of the Microwave.

2. Use bleach or any other regular house cleaning agent

A novice mistake is to use bleach or detergent to clean the microwave. These cleaning agents do not clean the glass turntable nor the inside panels, instead the chemicals from such agents interact with the food which is heated in the microwave.



Washing Machine

washing-machine-2668472_1920Whether it is a new machine or an old Onida Washing machine, the next best alternative to a broken washing machine is the always stressful hand washing of clothes. Following certain dos and don’ts help to increase the expectancy of the machine.

1. Clean the machine on monthly basis
The residual detergent in the dispenser compartment along with the lint stuck in the filter can be cleaned. Using two cups of white vinegar in the soap dispenser and running the hot water cycle can clean the washing machine.
2. Frequent Servicing
In the hustle of the daily routine, the daily wash load tends to accumulate. These wash loads are then cleaned in the washing machine on weekends where the machine operates at full capacity. After around 30 use of the full capacity operation, the machine starts to consume more energy. In such instances a through servicing of the internal components helps to revert the discrepancies.

1. Place the machine in a damp area:
Avoid placing the washing machine near the basin or in the bathroom. After all washing machine is an electronic appliance and moisture affects the internal PCBs of the machine.

2. Use Normal detergent
Detergents come specific to top load and front load washing machine. Using normal detergent or wrong detergent for the washing machine can produce suds in the wrong areas of the machine drum. Since both type of washing machine have a different mechanism for water entrance that the usage of such detergents causes the machine to break down frequently.


Air Conditioners:

Appliance blog-01With ever soaring temperatures ACs have become a need for every household. With ACs operating for more than 18 hrs. on the stretch during summers their maintenance is critical for their efficient operations.

1. Replace Filters
Air Filters help to grain out the outdoor air and then supply cool air indoors. They are one of the most important factors to a well- run cooling system. If the filters is full of dirt, dust and grit then the air conditioner will provide subpar air quality indoors.

2. Tune up from the Professional
Around 10 % of efficiency is lost if the AC is not serviced periodically. Before the start of summers, the AC needs to be tuned up by the professional. They inspect, service and change the gas inside the ACs outdoor unit so that the machine can run properly.

1. Use Extension cord as power plug
Ensure that a separate high voltage 3 pin plug is available for the AC machine. Using extension cord or low voltage pin plug affects the overall performance of AC. In such instances the AC unit has to work harder to cool the room.

2. Clog the outside unit
The function of the outside unit is to provide air to the inside one. So in this respect it is imperative that the area surrounding the outside unit is clutter free without any flower pots, debris or bird stand. These obstacle make it harder for the outside unit to consume the air flow and supply it to the main unit inside.
All told the extension service warranty given by the OEMs of these appliances are often expensive. After all we have to schedule a maintenance check call from the respective OEMs. With 5 appliances from different OEMs it only adds to the overhead stress. A cheaper and easier way is to enroll in the GMC provided by Gapoon. GMC is India’s first annual home maintenance package, with higher end appliances GMC is the one stop solution which will not only relive save money and time but also with its highly trained and verified professional give an assurance of an quality service.





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