Do you have a maintenance partner for your restaurant?


Generation Y has grown up on Disney movies, and when they open a restaurant business, they can correlate to rats cooking food and cockroach as a best friend. Movies like Ratatouille and Wall-E fashioned rats as the best cooks of France and a cockroach displaying emotions to a robot. The former movie went as far as bullying the food corporation official. But the reality is often bitter, if the BBMP official finds pests in your restaurant, the result is the end of your business venture and loss of millions.

The best judges, however, are the customers and the ratings on the popular food blogs and website. They are an indicator of the hygiene and the cleanliness of the restaurants. Based on the reviews about the food, hygiene, ambience with respect to electronic appliances and furniture cleaning and pest control scenario, a delight index of the experience of the visit to the restaurant can be calculated.

Popular eateries have a high rank on the Delight indices not only because their food is good but also because of the hygienic ambience. The state of the furniture and appliances are also captured by the customers when it comes to the ambience of the eatery. If we delve deep into the analysis of the index, there are times when the hygiene and the ambience have led to a restaurant to a higher rank than the food.


There are instances when a single fly in the soup has had cascading effect on the ratings in the social media circle. These instances are sacrilegious to a restaurateur than to a food truck or street food vendor. The BBMP is also taking stern steps to check whether the restaurants thoroughly follow the FSSAI guidelines. In a glance these guidelines are –

1. Good Manufacturing Practices for the Whole Premise

Process followed while using kitchen, changing facilities and washroom facilities

2. Good Food Hygiene Practices

Cleaning the work area, raw materials, utensils and along with adequate water supply examined chemically and bacteriologically by an NABL accredited laboratory

3. Personal Hygiene

Hygiene of the food production personnel along with restriction on smoking, spitting, eating gutka in work area

4. Special Requirements for High-Risk Foods

Cut fruits and vegetables so be cleaned from contaminants.
Fish and meats must properly refrigerated with labels indicating the date of purchase

5. Transportation and Handling of Food

Vehicles transporting the food should be kept clean and maintained properly

But at the onset of the restaurant, the restaurateur will think through all these guidelines in detail. The thrill, excitement and the experience of building the restaurant, will last until one of the facilities, service process, quality control or an equipment breaks. The pressure of managing the food supply and demand in the restaurant along with maintenance of appliances and ambience can be enough to quit the business. Following up with maintenance for electronic appliances for different OEMs can also be challenging. In such cases it is advisable to offload the facility and appliance maintenance to a maintenance partner. All the not so exciting part of the business like creating a facility maintenance plan, reactive maintenance of electronic appliances like the air conditioner, refrigerator and the preventive maintenance and routine check of the facility can be done with a simple phone call with your maintenance.

According to the recent survey, restaurant chains which have setup a contract with a maintenance partner managed to spend 35% less than the industry average. Bangaloreans consider MG road as the necklace of pearl and many struggle to set up a restaurant on the road, this 35 % cost saving will definitely bring a smile to their faces. Many popular joints have a quick service model where a downtime will result in a loss, their requirement for a maintenance partner is akin to their quick service. From plumbing, electrician, carpentry requirement to period maintenance of pest control, deep cleaning, appliance service; a maintenance partner not only helps in emergent situations but also does preventive maintenance to avoid/ lessen occurrence of such in future. So before you think of throwing down your towel consider onboarding help from a ringside trainer in the form of a maintenance partner. Though Disney movies may not be an inspiration for a restaurateur, but Rocky movies will definitely help you to fight back.

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