Lexus HoverBoard- How is it making ‘Back to the Future’ dream come true!

back to the futureThe future is here: Check out how Lexus, with its HoverBoard is making the Back to the Future dream come true.

The year was 1985, a new movie, Back To The Future had just come out. It was a story about a young Californian boy being thrown back into the 50s when an experiment conducted by his eccentric scientist friend went a bit off path and they travelled through different years in their DeLorean car.


The movie turned out to be the biggest grossing film of the year and with this popularity it marked the beginning of a franchise with two more parts being released along with a musical and many other things.


Well, why are we talking about a movie that was popular in the 80s and was referencing to the time in 50s? Because in the sequel of this blockbuster, Marty and Dr Brown travel to the year 2015 to look into their future and they showcased a very interesting technology, the HoverBoard – a kind of skateboard, but a one that could hover above the ground.


So Lexus Engineers, to mark the 30th anniversary of this brilliant movie decided to take it upon themselves to create a product that could, just like the HoverBoard shown in Back to The Future II hover above the ground.

On June 26, 2015 they released a teaser on their YouTube channel of the Lexus Hoverboard and after a month of speculations and rumours, on Aug 4 they finally displayed its real, live working prototype which was tested by various journalists and pro skateboarders such as Ross McGouran on a custom-built track in Spain.


Although the ride is not very Back To The Future-y but it definitely is a step towards the future. Ross McGouran, a professional skateboard had to take a lot of time to perfect even the most basic moves and he is not the one at fault here. Lexus Slide relies on Magnetic Levitation – a combination of superconductors and magnets, which come together to repel the gravitational force of the earth and keep an object above the ground.

The major difference that Lexus brings to the board is the use of semiconductors instead of a normal conductor. To use this semi-conductor at its optimum rates, liquid nitrogen, which looks like smoke emanating from the board but is actually used to cool down the semiconductor to -321 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature below which the material becomes super-conducting.


While the Hoverboard is not much of a breakthrough in science, maglev trains have been the talk of the town for many years now, it definitely is something that reinforces that the Hoverboards can definitely be made and used a medium for transportation. However, Slide will definitely not be seeing the market anytime as confirmed by Lexus officials and is actually being used to market their upcoming cars shown the video for Slide.

Let’s see what film fantasy might come true next time.

Share with us one fictional technology that you would want in your lives.



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