It is not just about the looks!

blow-bubbles-668950_640Ever wondered why so many guys tend to fall for that one particular friend of yours? Or how come he gets his way with girls so easily? It is not based on looks. Looks are just an aspect as negligible as a spoonful of sugar in a bucketful of water. It depends on your personality a lot.
Following are some of the points that we subconsciously look for in people.



1. Make sure to make them laugh!
She loves to show her pretty smile and loves to flash his million dollar one and they love you when you give them a reason to. No one wants an all time serious company. Being funny is highly desirable trait in our boring serious lives. It’s not an easy job to be creative with non offensive humor.


2. Learn to make a conversation!
Intelligent flirting! Everyone likes to get and give witty replies, intelligence is a strong trait to fall for.
Kindness, empathy, sensitivity are the sort of things that describe the quality of a person. Through a conversation you convey these attributes, making others see how beautiful you are at heart and functioning at brain!

dialogue comic strip with silhouettes and speech bubbles

3. Appearance! That’s different from looks!
Good physical stature draws attention. The way you dress up, the way you carry yourself, your posture speak a great deal about your personality. When confidence is reflected in your demeanor, who cares about how pretty your eyes are?


4. Smell nice!
Of course you don’t want to pinch your noses while with someone. But smelling nice can actually make people stay longer with you.


5. You have to be in love with something!
A person with passion, is a person with perceptions. Perceptions are highly needed for understanding someone. Their passions define them, and that is how you learn more about them. It makes them interesting and different than the rest! Being different strikes as attractive!

6. Be happy and optimistic!
No one likes a cry baby. People like to be around others who are happy and see everything else with a positive everything-is-going-to-be-alright perspective. Smiles, laughter, joyfulness is needed by all.


There are some things that specifically women look for…

7. Strongest of them all!
Women generally have the propensity to get attracted to leadership skills. Not the dominating, hateful dictator but a kind, encouraging leader who knows how to get work done and keep everyone happy with a win-win.

And some that men look for…

8. That’s why we spend so much time on hair!
Hair seems to be a huge influencing aspect when men check out women. Long, healthy hair promote natural beauty with subtle simplicity.


9. A little less would be okay but never overdo!
The amount of makeup you put is not proportional to your beauty! A little pink blush on your cheeks looks nice, even that blue eye shadow compliments but overdo it even slightly and your face looks like a painted canvas!


10. Be feminine!
Men appreciate some girly characteristics. So bat your eyelashes, let your voice rise an octave and don’t be scared to choose pink over whatever, because you will earn a smile and likability.




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