How you might be spiking up your blood pressure inadvertently!

vitamin-b-871135_640Health can be monitored through aspects of just eating right and working out adequately and also through common health problems. High blood pressure can become chronic and might increase our vulnerability to many heart diseases, damage to brain and kidneys so basically, a lot of discomfort.



Following are some of the things that you might want to keep in check to keep your blood pressure from spiking up!

1.Not caring about weight!
I am not asking you to be superficial! No one is asking you to have a zero size figure or build six packs. But having a fit body in proper BMI range can actually save you a lot of trouble!
Controlling weight is a solution to almost all the health problems. Being overweight increases your probability of catching stuff like diabetes and high blood pressure significantly.


2. Saying “yes” to too much of Na!
Sodium is highly infamous for how it works with high blood pressure. The first thing that pops in our heads after “high blood pressure” is “Salt is a no, no”.


3. Stressing yourself out!
It is highly important to manage all the stress, the work load plus the miscellaneous. Good measures include
a. Yoga: Health benefits of yoga are endless. Here’s one more to the list!


b. Meditation: Meditation is the process of pushing stuff out of your head, and clearing your head of everything.

c. Soothing music: Music has known to do wonders and its relaxing powers are no secret!
The aim is to take some time out and relax.

Music Soothing
Reading a book and getting all warmed up in a blanket can also serve the purpose. Do whatever that seems easy and relaxing.

4. Sipping a lot of coffee!
The busy lifestyle with hefty work hours require a stimulant, coffee. But coffee messes up with your sleep requirements and your blood pressure levels greatly. Instead of cutting that hot cup completely, try replacing it with tea. Tea is not all that bad as coffee.
Many herbal teas have shown to affect the blood pressure in a positive way, according to research.


5. Passing on bananas!
Nervous system functions through two elements mainly: Sodium and Potassium. Sodium helps in lighting it up whereas potassium helps in cooling down. Bananas are full of potassium and help in calming nerves thereby de-stressing the body and lowering the blood pressure.
So next time you see bananas, grab one!

lrg banana pro

6. Drinking heavily!
A drink(or less) in a day can be working in your favor here. But anything more than that is a strictly not advisable. Also this is relative! What might be one for some, might be half for you. I mean, after all, we all don’t have same resistance to liquor!


7. Smoking!
There! Another reason to quit smoking for you! However, for the sake of knowledge, tobacco and nicotine don’t cause any permanent spike in blood pressure, just temporary ones.




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