How not to overindulgence during festivals

snack-715534_640Yes, it’s that time of year, when there’s almost unlimited supply of food particularly sweets and there’s no one to keep tab. It’s also perfect time of year to overindulge in heady mix of sweets, drinks and commit deadly sin of gluttony.

You surely won’t like those holiday calories lurking around the curves. Ofcourse you can’t refuse when visiting relatives and friends force you to take a bite with them but you don’t have to fall into this trap. It is possible to enjoy holiday goodies without putting on a single pound.


Here’s some of our tips:

  • Try out the probiotic supplements of your food, they have an optimum and sufficient amount of bacteria to just digest off all the calories. Just imagine you consume loads and magically every bit of is just dissolved within without you putting up some fat.
  • Alcohol utilization tries to attain peak during this back to back festivals and this leads to declination of Vitamin B content in your blood. What’s required to prevent yourself from slugging and fainting is to keep the regular inflow of Vitamin B through some other ways like keeping along a side dish of brown rice, oats or a few green vegetables.
  • Another possible way could be admonishing yourself within regular time intervals to prevent over consumption of food articles with high calories. A regular reminder can be clocked within your heads that sticking to limit is harmless.
  • Be choosy when it comes to sweet, it allures everyone but try not indulging too much into them, sweetness might prove to be hazardous at later stages of life. When someone offers you a chocolate, try offering it back to them, pretty hard, huh ? Dude, common, think in calorific terms.
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  • Don’t lose your appetite while cooking something up, try limiting your tastes and not widening them to such a variety that by the time dish is prepared you are full too, because then there knocks the overdose of food.
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  • Start off with a new schedule on weekends. Make it a family tradition to wake up early in morning and taste the breeze and enjoy a walk of couple of minutes with all. It’s not only a way to reunite but also healthy enough.
  • And most important and easily applicable is taking water on regular basis. Water consists of several hidden nutrients. So while you take a sip of your drink, take another of water, quite easy, right ?


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