How Decluttering can improve your life

shutterstock_129174005If your coffee table is groaning under books, digital devices, coffee cups, lint rollers, newspapers? What about the shelf in your room? Is it crowded with half-empty bottles and caps and cans and other junk that you cannot identify? Can you find anything you want without looking for it or digging through a pile of stuff (where you know) you put it?

If your answer was yes to all these questions, then it is time to declutter. Removing the clutter from your house can help you declutter your mind as well. True story! Why? Here’s how:

    • POSITIVE Vibes: Clutter is considered to be life’s unfinished business. Decluttering your home can help you move on from the past — processing previous relationships, old jobs, and ideas that didn’t work. In the process you let go of all the negative aspects, and focus on what life has to offer you.
    • Space for new ideas: Life is a continuous process. Even if you think that your house is not cluttered, you restrain yourself from looking at new things as your subconscious tells you that there is no space for ‘new stuff’. Once you get rid of all the old stuff, your mind opens up to new possibilities.
    • A little joy: One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Decluttering gives you the chance to donate some things to charity. Or perhaps upcycle. It either earns good karma or some money. Either way, there’s a little bit of joy!


  • It brings along vibrant and magnetic environment: Getting rid of the mess, literally makes more space in your home. With a lot more space to move freely you get a vibrant and magnetic atmosphere which brings a positive energy in you and you never know when inspiration might strike.
  • Clear Some Mental Space: A disordered environment can distort your peace. When a messed up space is cleared out it gives you an emotional or mental support. The clutter indirectly muddies the mind, so a bit of declutter therapy would help.

So how do you start decluttering? We’ve shared some great DIY Storage ideas in our earlier blogs. Here are some more ideas for Decluttering:

  1. Make two piles – Keep & Toss. Never have a pile saying ‘Maybe’. That will always end up back in your closet. We are reluctant to throw away certain things due to emotional attachment, or plain guilt. Old invites to events or parties, tacky fridge magnets that you do not want to display but hesitant to throw, clothes that you think will fit one day, gifts that you dislike… If you haven’t ever thought of it as ‘good’, chances are you never will. Squish the guilt and toss it. Putting it in a pile that says ‘maybe’ just does not help.
  2. Start with one room If your entire house is cluttered, it is best to start work systematically. Start with one room, preferably the bedroom. Much of your closet will need a revamp, and this is also where we end up hoarding all the little things. Move to the next room after you dispose of all the clutter in the room.
  3. Take it out: As soon as you are done decluttering, take it out of your house. When the stuff is lying around, you are often tempted to pick some things back and put it in the closet.
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  5. Involve your family or friends: They not just cut down on the amount of work, but they act as a good motivator and support to throw things away. Quite often, we are tempted to sneak in some of the stuff that should be thrown (like that ratty old tshirt or the bunch of posters that you will never get around to putting up)
  6. Make designated spaces for the remaining stuff and ensure you stick to it: Designing a space for an object ensures its validity and clears the clutter. If you cannot find a space for something, it generally means that it does not have a space in your life. Cruel, yes. But it is most often true than not!
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  8. Upcycle: Recycling is good. Upcycling is better. You can often exchange some goods, or donate it. With sites like and massive Facebook groups like “Second to None”, there are plenty of people who are happy to exchange goods, or pay a price and take it off your hands! With a little bit fo creativity, you can also make old junk into funky art pieces, but this does not mean you store it for ‘I’ll finish the project on a rainy day”.


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