Homes in the rain

rain-791893_1920The coolest thing and the most annoying thing about Bangalore is the weather. We love the constantly pleasant weather, but one quick rain and we are flooded.
And one can never predict the weather. It might turn from scorching summer to sudden rains, and deluges that resemble cloudbursts are indicators that all is not well with the city’s climate.

The city’s problems often flow into your home. There are two biggest complaints during the rains – clogged pipes or drains and shorting fuses. And then of course, a problem we realise eventually – seepages into the walls.

Much of this can be taken care with regular home maintenance.

Clogged Pipes:

Let’s give you the good news first – ground water levels are rising for the first time in Bangalore in over a decade. That’s the environmentalist in us that is happy.

Now, the bad news. With the rains we’ve had in the past few days, a lot of issues with plumbing can come to the fore. You never realise how clogged your bathroom pipes are till the toilets break. Or how delicate the water pipes are till a tap breaks.

Now that the rains are done, it is the best time to get a thorough plumbing check done.

Water seepage, mould and fungus on the walls are the other serious subjects that we face generally. And of course, that damp smell inside the house. This can be prevented with some easy steps

  • Check your entire gutter system to avoid clogs, breakage of pipes ad separation between connections. These will later lead to evolve of fungi and bacteria in your house.
  • Silica gel sachets, camphor balls, neem leaves or a few cloves help combat the moisture. Installing a low voltage bulb inside your cupboard, as well help the clothes remain warm and fresh.
  • Air your clothes periodically on a sunny day.

Leaky Roofs

Many times, homeowners think the roof is the culprit, but problems can come from improper ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning, condensation, vent fans and animal or bug infestation in the attic. Some of the measures you can take to avoid a leaked roof can be:

  • First it is important to help ensure water is kept away from the fascia and moved off the roof.
  • Look out for a sunny dry day to stay away from a dangerous slippery roof. Check the power lines before getting on the roof
  • Ensure you have safety precautions while reaching out to the roof. A rubber-soled shoe is recommended.

The rain with its own set of problems also brings musty dampness indoors. Sometimes this might lead to embarrassment, in front of your guests. So how do you get rid of it?

  • Cleaning the nook and corner and decluttering of your things will help the odd smell go away. Vacuuming your room regularly is one of the basic steps to avoid dampness
  • Sun being a natural deodorizer, it is important to keep the windows open during rainy weather. Put everything from musty suitcases to clothing outdoors in a sunny spot, and it will become fresh-smelling in no time.
  • Lighten incense stick; use fragrance vaporizers to get the musty smell vanish.

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