Healthy Habits We Can Learn From Bollywood Stars

16596420540_7fcb3d2f50_bIt is said that you should treat your body like a temple. Everyone wants to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. But still we fall prey to busy lifestyle and lead very stressful lives. We replace our healthy home cooked food by easy junk food. We sit in front of our laptop whole day and seldom care to have a regular exercise regime figured out for ourselves.

All this negligence eventually takes a toll, not only to your physical fitness but also on the mental one. Sometimes we all need a little motivation to stick to our health goals and live a better life. Therefore, we have gathered some inspiration for you from none other than our Bollywood stars to help you keep pace with your fitness goals.

1. Akshay Kumar

Wonder why this ‘khiladi’ looks flawlessly fit & healthy? That’s because he sweats it out the right way. Akshay is known to stick to a very strict schedule of waking up at 4:00 am in the morning and exercising religiously. He is a black belt in Taekwondo  & has expertise in martial arts. His workout regimen focuses on the overall fitness of the body, so he completely disagrees with food supplements and steroids to make muscles. His fitness mantra revolves around exercises which he loves to practice like swimming, martial arts, yoga and meditation.

Akshay’s tip: Get up early in the morning, don’t take your last meal after 7 pm and stick to a exercise regime religiously. By following this, not only will you look good but you will feel good too.

Akshay Kumar fit

2. Shilpa Shetty

Remember the song ‘Shut up and Bounce’ from the movie Dostana, where Shilpa Shetty is flaunting her flawless body? There is reason why even after crossing 40, she looks not a day over 25. All thanks to her dedication to yoga.
Yoga has been practiced in our country from ancient times but there is a reason why the whole world is adopting yoga as a way of living. Shilpa follows her yoga practice session every day for good health, peaceful mind and sound soul. So when are you starting?

Shipla shtty yoga
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3. Hrithik Roshan

This star may be blessed with great looks genetically but he too works out like any other person to keep his body fit & healthy. Have you checked out the video of his brand launch of HRX| Defeat Defeat? Hrithik believes, the secret to a good body lies in a correct diet. He has a full plan chalked out with his nutritionist and is very careful about what he puts in his body. He has drastically cut down his oil, sodium and sugar intake. He also eats till he is 70% full which is a simple tip which everyone can implement to avoid overeating & bloating.


4. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha surely has one of the most enviable bodies in Bollywood. She sticks to a strict diet & workout schedule and doesn’t miss even a single day of workout. She insists on keeping workouts fresh by mixing various forms like kick-boxing, brisk-walking etc. She is also a conscious eater. She consumes lot of fruits & coconut water which also give her that radiant skin. But ultimately her mantra is all about loving yourself. That’s why her first DVD was rightly named as  ‘Love Yourself’ which surely inspired a lot of people to do the same.


5. Sidharth Malhotra

According to sources, the actor has on several occasions declared that he doesn’t drink or like alcohol. He suggests that alcohol shouldn’t be treated as a stress buster. Cutting alcohol even by a little amount will not only prevent some major calorie intake but also help you maintain a overall good health. If you don’t want to abandon drinking though, make sure you never indulge in excessive drinking and keep your intake under check under all circumstances.


6. Amitabh Bacchan

Even at the age at 72, the Actor of the Millennium exercises 7 days a week! He exercises under a trainer and takes a  controlled diet with necessary supplements. He believes in never taking his body for granted, may be that’s why he is so active with his lifestyle. He is also a major promoter of disciplined life and takes time very seriously. Well next time when you feel a bit lazy to head for your gym, take some inspiration from him.


7.  Salman Khan
Salman Khan is a well known star who maintains a healthy lifestyle. He remains enviably fit till today due to his dedication to his gym routine.He runs with his dogs in the morning. If you have a dog as a pet, why not include this as a fun variation to your usual jogs which will be beneficially to both you and your dog. A lot of prominent Bollywood stars have learnt the art of body-building under his guidance. That’s why had to include him when seeking inspiration of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



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