How to clean up pet hairs.

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We all love our pets for the unconditional love they have for us. The messier part however is the cleanliness of your place. Among other things, hair issues stand out. From furniture, carpets to your favourite clothes. Not any more, here are some tips to ensure you don’t compromise your pet love for hairs net time.

Floor and carpets

Since you own a pet, you’d know how easily those fur balls get accumulated in corners It’s not even about looking good, these can have dust and allergens which makes the environment unhealthy. Tips to clean it up? Consider getting a robotic vacuum instead of daily vacuuming.

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Ever felt you hair had electric charges while combing? Well, pets have a similar case.
So it’s obvious you need to remove the charge in order to clean it up. So, for wooden furniture, use a soft cotton cloth sprayed with furniture polish or anti-static dusting spray.
To remove pet hair from upholstered surfaces or bed linens, put on a pair of rubber gloves and slightly dampen them. Then run our hand over the surface—the hair will stick to the glove. Rinse off the glove when it’s full of hair and remoisten as needed. Smart indeed!

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Another approach is to get hair resistant fabrics. So perhaps, a hardwood floor, leather furniture, tough cottons could do the tricks. It’s easier to remove hairs from these and they are less likely to attract hairs.

pethair 4


Those black dresses. Yes, we get it. Here’s your answer. sticky lint rollers are usually more effective than lint brushes for removing hairs. . If there’s a lot of hair on the clothing, you may want to first use the dampened rubber glove method described above, and then finish with the lint roller.

So, here’s our few tips. Have more of your own? Let us know in comments 🙂



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