Fun facts about Einstein!

einstein-67711_640Although his brain and exceptional work doesn’t agree with the fact, but Einstein was human. If you’re fed up of physics, then go break a few compass pins! As a kid, Einstein came across a compass and he wondered how the pin floated…there is where his fascination for physics began…that lead to the path breaking theories we see today.
Following are some fun facts about the genius that are sure to pop in your mind next time you think of him!


1. Hated socks!
Einstein never wore socks. Be it any occasion, socks were never on his list. According to him, they proved to be a cause of worry as they always get holes in them. Guess they never mattered anyway, who is going to ask you to life up your pants to show if you are wearing socks?
Also no socks means a few things less in the laundry basket!


2. Had an illegitimate daughter!
Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife, conceived her before they were married. As he then, did not have money to support a wife and a child, Mileva got away from the public eye and had a baby girl, Lieserl.
Anything apart from the baby’s name is not known definitively. There is an uncertainty regarding this and some believe she caught scarlet fever and died and some believe she healed from the fever before being adopted.

3. Second wife was his first cousin!
Her name was Elsa Lowenthal. To talk how closely they were related, they played together as kids. Their mothers were sisters and fathers were cousins. Even though their friendship goes back so much, their romantic interest didn’t spark until both were married and divorced once.
Even Darwin and Allen Poe are known to marry their first cousins, guess it was a trend then 😛


4.Declined the post of President.
In 1952, Einstein was asked to be the president of Israel after the death of their then president. He was aged 73 then and obviously declined the offer.

5. Einstein’s brain.
Einstein’s brain was a subject of interest to many. After his death, they wanted to tear is head and take the brain out, looking for physical proof of his intelligence, something that would give them a chance to say “That’s why he could think what he did and do what he did!”. But nothing strikingly apart from the average (except for 15 percent bigger parietal lobe) was discovered.


6. This one for all the Star Wars fans!
Appearance of Master Yoda from Star Wars was based on Einstein’s. I am not saying they look like twins or anything, but Master Yoda was modelled so.


7. Nobel Prize!
We all know the famous E=mc^2. And we all know Einstein won a Nobel Prize. But it was not for this famous equation that even every person not even remotely linked with physics knows! It was for his photoelectric effect.

8. Along with socks, add history too!
Einstein never thought that memorising stuff a book can tell always tell him is useful in any sense. He even stood up against his teacher in school, framing the same point.
But he loved science and always had been brilliant at math.



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