Why every house must have a pest control subscription?


The age old phrase of wishing a loved one good night and then praying that bed bugs don’t bite them still holds relevance today. As Generation Y are taking steps towards a developed economy, they have less time to look towards their home and notice the sign of pest infestation.

People who live in rented homes consider it an obligation of the land lord to exterminate pest. Landlords on the other hand look out for a serious conviction to call the exterminator. The nuclear family trivialise pest control and procrastinate till a cockroach ends up greeting their guest.

Graph-1-blogContrary to certain belief, a neat and tidy home cannot keep all the pest away. Unlike rodents and mosquitoes, bed bugs can affect even the cleanest homes. These once infected are most certainly exterminated through a pest control session by a professional service like Gapoon; Baygon, Hit or other mixtures are ineffective against them. Mosquitoes on the other hand can only be repelled with these treatments, a good thorough pest control can kill and provide protection against them for weeks. If you are not fan of pet rats, then seeing one is a telltale sign to call the exterminator. Termites can also do away with your expensive furniture if not looked into promptly. Especially in tropical climates the growth of the termites is exponential. Even the trivial ants can be a precursor to a pet problems. Black Ants and Red Ants are usually found near the nursery gardens in the house with the trails in the kitchen. These are fodder for some bigger insects like lizard and roaches. Holistic pest control is a must that too on a periodic basis so that such pest do not build up inside your homes.

Why would you think a professional pest control is important while there are so many do-it-yourself options available?Well commercial pest control products are available only to the licensed pest control operator. These professional exactly know which treatment effectively treats the pest problem. Professional surveys the entire home and sprays the solutions without any interference with sensitive items like food or clothes which we may end up doing if we spray the over the counter solutions which would be a waste of time & effort. Also a professional service not only guarantees that proper methodology & chemical concentration but also determines the potential entry points, DOs & DONTs that keep these pests off for good.  The frequency of pest control depends on the location of your home and the density of insects. If the house is invaded by roaches, ants and silverfish, then a quarterly pest control is recommended. Peskier pest like the bed bugs require a bimonthly pest spray, until the growth of the bugs are terminated. However, even when there are no signs of pest infestation, a bi-yearly pest control is a must to cease any further chance of pests infestation.

Now the question of convenience comes in. Nobody has the time to remember & schedule a periodic pest control treatment right? Thats why at Gapoon, we have introduced ‘Pest Control Packages‘ which are completely customizable to your individual apartment’s requirement. You can choose between General Pest Control Treatment- an all effective treatment against cockroaches, black red ants, lizards & small insects; Cockroach Control & Bed- Bugs packages. Also, you can choose if you require the services 2, 3 or 4 times on year depending upon the state of infestation. Once subscribed, you will get automatic schedule of pest control services, a year-long warranty & on top, you would be saving upto 30% as compared to using on-demand services

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