Why it’s important to ensure cleaniness of your water tank!

mainWhen it comes to cleaning, we think of our living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. Sometimes, our backyard and rarely any other place. One such is the overhead tanks that store the crucial water to be supplied whole day. Here’s some more information regarding the maintenance of it.


There’s a proper standard  for ensuring if tank is fit for storage of water which is if tank is approved for the storage of potable water. Containers of this type will usually include an approval for the storage of drinking water and other food grade materials.
There’s also an NSF 61 approval. NSF International in an independent organization committed to the public safety and storage of drinking water materials.



We know that algae grows in stagnant water. Courtesy our science book, we know sunlight is major reason for it’s growth, the first option to consider is using a tank with a darker exterior.
This blocks light from entering the tank and causing growth.


Potable water storage

Pur water softener if you’re going to use your tank to store potable water for long term. You can find the solutions in local hardware store, they eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms as well.
Today’s tank can store water for up to five years.

long term

Cleaning and sanitizing the water tank

Sanitizing and cleaning is all more important. Here’s a link of WHO guidelines to clean storage tanks of potable water that you should find it. You might want to leave it to expert since it’s a bit tricky. Yes, that means us 😉


DIfferent type of storage containers

it’s important to choose storage devices depending on requirement given the wide variety of options available.


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