Eat right to look young

young womanOne of the major factors of beauty is how long it lasts. It depends largely on how we look after our body that we have to use for around say, eighty years. With time, it is obvious things begin to degrade. It is impossible to show a red light to time, but a yellow one can somehow be managed.
Ageing is inevitable. But how it shows on your face is not. Following is a list of food items that help in controlling those wrinkles and greys!

1. Pomegranates
Pomegranates are the most famous for fighting aging as they successfully fight the most common and worrisome sign, wrinkles! The seeds of this time turning fruit are high in antioxidants that give prevent fine lines and wrinkles. It is also responsible for soothing the damage caused due to UV exposure of the sun.


2. Watermelon
In summer there is no need to go easy on watermelons. They contain loads of water which is never bad for your health. Keeping hydrated is absolutely necessary for a soft radiant skin, especially when you are sweating buckets! Even these help as a balm over UV damage. The antioxidant working here is what imparts red to the melons and pomegranates.


Avocados are a whole package! They contain loads of important vitamins and oils that help in turning hands of time! It was believed that these wonder fruits contributed to the body fat. But the fat content of these fruits is monosaturated and hence doesn’t work like that!


4. Coffee
Coffee contains essential things magnesium, chromium and some other -iums along with much needed antioxidants. Research has shown that coffee can help prevent skin cancer too.
So just keep sipping your coffee and let it work its magic!


Salmon is one of the foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, one of those things which are needed for a beautiful skin. It helps skin repair its damaged bits and makes it supple. Apart from looks, it also builds a shield for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.
Sea food like lobster is also a good option!


Scared about a black and white head? Walnuts are here to save the day! High sources of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, besides maintaining the oil content of your skin, they ensure proper hair growth.
So go for a fistful a day and let them work their magic!


7. Kale
Feeling happy about no green yet? Here’s some disappointment for you. 😛
Deficiency of iron can cause pale skin. It’s good to be fair but not vampire white! Kale being a leafy green, ensures you maintain your blush.
It also contains high levels of vitamin K, known best for its anti-aging effect.


8. Cantaloupe
The orange colour of cantaloupe is due to high content of beta carotene. Carotene maintains just a healthy ,not-too-dry and not-too-oily scalp. This might be the solution to all that snowing over the shoulders!


9. Eggs
Eggs contain high levels proteins. Along with growth and development, proteins are also needed for rebuilding the worn out tissues and hence an important part of this list. And also it would keep your nails strong and pretty, without letting them crack.




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