Easy DIY decor ideas to get you into festive spirit

DIY Christmas decoration

It’s the time of the year again when we wished that it snowed in India so that we could make a snowman or indulge in some snow fights like our NRI cousins.
Even though that wish cannot come true for now, we can surely gear up to celebrate Christmas.
Here are some really easy ways with which we can make our homes “Christmas ready

1. Glittery Snowflake:

What do we need: Popsicles, colour, glitter, glue, brush

How to do it: Buy some popsicle sticks. Mix the colour with some liquid glue. Paint the popsicles with this mixture. Let it dry. Use around 5-6 popsicles to make a snow flake. Using a brush coat the flak with glue and sprinkle with glitter. And voila your sparkly snowflake is ready.

DIY christmas decoration Popsicle snowflake
Image courtesy: Guidepattern

2. Bottlecap Snowmen
What do we need: Bottle caps, paintbrushes, glue gum, ribbon, scissor, white, black and orange acrylic paint, ribbons

How to do it: Paint the inside of the bottle caps with multiple layer of white paint. After it has dried, glue 3 bottle caps to a ribbon. Put a bit of glue in between each bottle cap to hold them together. Use toothpick or end of a brush to draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Now its upto you how to make your snow man more handsome. Make him a hat with cardboard paper or tie a ribbon!

DIY Christmas decoration bottlecap snowmen
Image Courtesy: one artsy mama


3. Wreath made from clothespin

What do we need: Wire wreath (available readily at any florist store), loads of wooden clothespin, paint to colour them, accessories to decorate it

How to do it: Paint the clothespin with any colour. Let it dry. Slide the clothespin inside the wire. Put glue between each of the clothespin so that they stick together. Once the entire wire is covered now let your imagination run wild! Sprinkle some glitters, stick some stickers. And you have your wreath ready!

DIY christmas decoration clothespin wreath
Image Courtesy: Stamping

4. Cookie Cutter wreath:

If you want a wreath which is a little out of the box then this is perfect for you.

What do we need: Various shapes of cookie cutters, scrapbook, scrapbook paper, glue and ribbon.

How to do it: Start with tracing, cutting and gluing the scrapbook papers on the individual cookie cutters. Once the glue has dried off, now it’s time to glue the cookie cutters to each other in such a way so as to form a circle. Work around the whole wreath gluing everywhere that the cookie cutters meet. Let it dry. Now adorn with ribbons and you have a very quirky wreath ready to be hung on the door!

DIY Christmas decoration cookie wreath
Image Courtesy:Golden guys & me

5. Christmas tree

If you are in no mood to buy a huge tree or there is no place in your apartment to accommodate a full-grown tree, this is the perfect fix!

What do we need: One string fairy lights, a few double-sided tapes, any wall

How to do it: Just choose an empty wall and stick the fairy light on the wall in the form of Christmas tree. Switch on the lights and you have your own dazzling Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas decoration christmas tree
Image Courtesy: Jazz.donweb

But before starting with the decoration its best to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned . Prepare  a checklist of all the places that the maids miss out most of the day like the cobwebs of the balcony, the lofts in the bedroom, the storage area etc. Get all these cleaned before you start the decorations and the festive spirit kicks in! You can then start the New Year on a  clean slate and with a clean house 🙂

If these seem like a lot of things to do, then leave it to us professionals and we will take care of the cleaning so that you can concentrate on other important preparations.

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