DIY Pest control tricks

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No one likes bed bugs or insects crawling throughout your place and best way to control them is to prevent the infestations at source itself.

While it’s always encouraged to call experts, there’s some small DIY steps you can follow with not-so-harmful chemicals that can really help in clearing insect menace.



– Wipe down sink countertops and other kitchen surface with vinegar and water solution to remove the odour and food particles.
– Repair leaky faucets, not just to prevent water wastage but to avoid giving insects water they need to survive.
– Dry foods should be transferred to air tight jars.

clean kitchen


Make sure you use a dustbin with lids.
Rinse bottles, containers and jars before putting them in recycle bin.clean trash


This is a primary source of all insect manifestation, to clean it up, it’s always advisable to pour half cup baking soda and same amount of vinegar down the drain and then hot boiling water to clear it all up.clean sink

Tackling insects

You can sprinkle coffee grounds around windows and doors to keep ants at bay. Fill glass with 2 inch vinegar, cover top with plastic wrap and poke holes to fight fruit flies they will be attracted by sweet smell.Combine equal parts of vinegar ad water in spray bottle, Though safe for humans, vinegar effectively repels spiders.For silverfish and other wingless insects, sprinkle boric acid in most areas including bathrooms and kitchenpest control insects

Door sweep

While we continue to look for the corner and drains, pest  can also come through your front door. Door sweep blocks the gap between the bottom of your door and the ground. You can buy one at any hardware store, and for a super-easy fix, look out for adhesive strip—no drilling needed.pest door sweep



No matter how much you try, it won’t be possible to secure every inch of your place. That’s where weekly vacuuming session will come into play. That’ll prevent insect from getting crushed and squished (which might leave stain).deep-house-cleaning

So these are especially relevant tips we had. Yes, you won’t be able to make your place totally pest free. Hence, you might want to call us at Gapoon for pest control as well as deep cleaning for removing all those stains and insects.

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