DIY: Making home smell good!

birdsandbloomsWho doesn’t like to come back from work in serene and fresh scent that is not only refreshing but also hits you with a specific time that can work on those senses that are used to artificial and chemical sprays.
Let’s have a look at some Do-it-yourself room fresheners which will come in handy in case of pet, children or some garam-masala intensive cooking you did last night.

  • Gel freshner
    Forget sniffing every other candle freshener. Customize it and give it a personal touch, color. Here’s the link!
    Thank us and the pinterest project later.

    gel freshner
    source-the pinterest project
  • Baking Soda air freshener
    USP of this is the easy preparation method! A mason jar , baking soda and oil according to your preference.
    Best part- you can create your own scent by mixing certain oils!
    Thanks to our friends at The burlap bag!

    home freshener


  • A stove simmer!
    No kidding. Just simmer water in small saucepan and citrus slices and mint or lavender and eureka! A pleasant smell throughout your place.
    We tried this while writing and it works fabulously.
    Tip Source-



  • Garbage disposal smell
    Chop peels of lemon, spread into ice cube tray, put some vinegar on tray and freeze it. After they get frozen, store it in plastic bag in freezer and send ones down to garbade according to need of lemony scent.
    Tip source-

    source: homedit
    source: homedit

  • Freshness Pouches
    No need to put chemical sprays into your cupboard and drawers, just hook one of these cute pouches and you’re good to go.
    Thanks to sincerely kinsey 🙂

    Cute pouches. source:
    Cute pouches.


  • Orange refrigerator freshener
    Ever felt the unpleasant amalgam of many smells when you open your fridge?
    here’s your solution,Cut the orange into half, eat the pup, fill half of shell with salt, put it in a bowl at back of fridge and voila!
    source: homedit.comorange freshner
  • Reed diffuser
    How about fancy thing thing for living room that smells good and won’t cost your wallet.All you need is vase, baby oil, essential oils of your choosing, bamboo skewers and some ribbon for decoration. That’s it. Done.

    reed difuser


These were the best tricks we could find, have some others? Let us know in comments!



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