Digital Nomadism and its Rise

computer-472016_640Since the beginning of times, we as a society have been programmed to follow a certain path: Go to school, get educated, go to college, get a job, buy a house, get married, have your children, retire and finally die. This is what one must do in order for success to follow is what has been taught to us. This sounds perfectly fine for those who want to do this, but what about others, the ones who don’t want to fall into a certain algorithmic setting just because they’ve been told to do so? Many of them conform to this kind of lifestyle even if they don’t want to.

However, slowly the trends are changing and with the changing trends, iconoclasts are rising with their brave hearts, inspiring stories and an awe-inspiring tale that follows them. People are slowly quitting the ‘rat-race’ and are on their way to follow the dreams of travelling the world. Seeing them rise and live up to their dreams, many others are also following suite and this can mean only good. A sense of adventure, the chance to have a sip of it is the pushing force behind a person to choose the nomad destination.

The life of digital-nomads isn’t just part of fulfilling a bucket list, but often rises from a lifestyle choice. At some point in their lives they arrive at a juncture- University Graduation, Divorce, dead-end job etc. This allows them to make the transition into a nomad and increases the risk-taking capacity by living abroad and far-away from home.


“TRAVEL THE WORLD” is something that is present on everyone’s bucket-list, and with the rising tide of people dropping ship and travelling world using their tech skills, these digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs are making their living online. While the majority of these people are running their own businesses using the highly evolving internet industry, many of them are employees at different companies as well, but have started to find remote work. The trend is also being set by the companies such as Buffer, Zapier etc whose teams are spread out across the world and yet manage to work together despite varying timelines and distance. And with low living costs in countries of Eastern-Europe, Central America and South-Asia where each country has a unique culture that is awe-inspiring, travelling across such countries often leaves a signifiant impact on one’s live and a new perspective about life comes to light.


Along with the increase in the number of digital nomads, various communities across the globe have also spawned catering to these and helping those who wish for these type of journeys in their lives ahead. Online websites such as, a sub-reddit dedicated to the lives of Digital Nomads are flooded with questions regarding the kind of technologies that are in demand for being able to work remotely, the kind of skills one must have in order to start travelling the world and also earn handsomely. And the community is whole-heartedly working together to create an environment that is welcoming to the wannabe nomads.

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