Decluttering your phone

smart_phone_appsDecluttering your phone will speed up your devices and make their batteries last longer. Here are few simple steps to categorize, systematize, and truly mobilize your smart phone or tablet.

  • 1. Tackle your content– Delete all your unwanted photos and videos from your gallery. It will take 10 minutes to delete these items before the gallery becomes unmanageable. Do it periodically to avoid cluttering in your phone.
  • 2. Pick multipurpose apps– Don’t waste your space by having three separate task organizers for to-do lists, grocery lists, and read-it-later lists when a single app can handle all three. So download multipurpose app to save your time as well as space in your mobile or tablet.
  • 3. Dump unused applications– Delete all your unwanted apps which you have not use for last three months. Don’t hesitate to delete these applications as you can always reinstall this apps whenever you need.
  • 4. Organize your applications with folders– always organize your applications according to similar folders. Such as you can put all your music applications in one folder and try to name it short and simple so that it will be easy to find whenever needed.
  • 5. Unsubscribe from listserves– “unsubscribe”, and say goodbye to the endless stream of “limited-time offers.” And sign up for to automatically unsubscribe from dozens of subscription e-mails at once. It even condenses the e-flyers you want to keep into a single message.


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