Consumer Tip: Plumbing maintanence

plumbingPrevention is always better than cure. We’re sure you’d have heard it many times!
As part of our Consumer tips blog series, we bring you some essential tips to prevent plumbing disasters.



  • Commercial Drain cleaners.
    Perhaps you should stop using commercial drain cleaners. While they might promise a lot, using those strong chemicals erode your pipe and thus causes more harm than good.plumber_1
  • Water Softener
    Depending on where you live, there will be variable composition of water which might not only hinder it’s potability but also cause adverse effect on plumbing system. Over time, of not treated, there will be mineral deposit in your system which you definitely won’t want. So it’s better you invest in water softener depending on your requirement.plumber_2
  • Water Pressure
    You won’t believe but many of the issue in your plumbing may be result of high pressure so make sure you reduce the same and don’t put the pipes and system under high strain.plumber_3
  • Valve
    Know where those damn shutoff valves are located. It’ll be helpful when your pipe has burst or toilet is overflowing. Shutoff maybe necessary to prevent further damage!plumber_4
  • Flush
    We understand you may want to flush many things out in your life but the one in your toilet is meant only for human waste and toilet paper. Try to remember that.plumber_5




Yes, this isn’t a lot but most don’t follow these basic guidelines. Rest assured, if anything breaks down, We at Gapoon are there to tackle any issue you might face regarding plumbing.

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