Buckle up your spirits, it’s a knock of Diwali

imagesA time when you can see the folks around totally evacuating their homes, a fever to clean-up and just rejuvenate your existing homes into a new sparkling spirit. To make everything around look lively and to remove all the fussiness. Diwali is popular as to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. So here is the right time to gather up yourselves and with all zeal and zest get into decorating your home.



  • Get the useless articles out of your room and take the help of your maids and family members for deep house cleaning. Ask children to settle up their rooms, arrange their almirah and throw out the unnecessary stuff lying around. Get rid of the old, worn and tors.
  • Most of us generally have a taste of dark colored and heavy fabric for curtains in order to block light. So for a change get your house walls fascinated with transparent or light colored curtains this festive season. Diwali is anyways a festive of “lights”, get the pun huh? Well then get some work done too.
  • After curtains let us shift our looks towards the cushions in living hall, they unknowingly speak a lot about your gesture and ambiance in the way you keep it and the color combinations you prefer. So get a varied mixture of fabrics and colors which not only centralizes the theme of festival but also lighten up you hall.
  • Walls are another main center of attraction, so get your rooms painted with new colors thereby signifying new hopes. In  case you have got freshly painted walls then instead of messing everything up all over again, you can try getting wallpapers for the room walls which catches more of attention of the guests. Choose the pattern which goes well with the setting of your room.
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  • How can we miss out on the lamps and diyas on this festival, get your lamp decorated with handicraft stuff which would light up the aura in an immense way. You may also try making some stuff out of hands and use it around your bulbs to give a different visual effect to your room.
  • Moving on next to the external appearance of the home, which commences with the the lightening. Don’t mess up with the tangling wires, it just might lead to increasing your efforts. Call out for electricians and get the work of lightening done by them, they know it better and in an effective manner for sure.
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  • Don’t miss out on creative and colorful rangoli decoration outside your homes, it will spread joy and give a different outlook of your homes. You can try making out rangoli by either different colored flowers, a natural way or try out with the rangoli colors, can be little tedious but your efforts will surely pay in appraises.
    diwali rangoli designs with diya


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