Booking so easy, you cannot refuse!

Life. Simplified. That’s our aim right? With ever growing list of chores and work, how can one find time to carry out task such as cleaning, getting house painted, repairing,pest control etc?
Furthermore, the unorganized labor market for such  job makes the problem worse.Fortunately, at Gapoon, we have a solution, we have organized the unorganized. That might just be the boon you’ve been waiting for. Couple that with our tech and all you have to do to get every home service is to tap your finger.

And we mean it. It’s really just a tap. Here’s your guide to use the Gapoon app.

  • Get the app from Playstore, either search “Gapoon” or head to our website and give your mobile no, we’ll send the link 🙂
    Gappon, Android App
  • Once you download it, just tap. You can see a list of all services we provide. everything on that window
    screenshot 2
  • Select the specific problem within the category. You check for all the prices upfront. Enter the details and confirm your request.
    screenshot 3

Yup, that’s it 😀

Our USPs

  • Express Bookings Not a touche but we’re making world (Bangalore as of now) a better place 😉
    There’s an option of express booking which allows booking in just 1 second with no extra/hidden cost what-so-ever.
    screenshot 4

  • The UI Bangalore maybe the tech capital of India, yet there’s a significant percent of people who find more number of settings far too complex to decipher. So we have put extra care on designing UI such that it can be used by data scientist as well as your parents who’d never used a smartphone before.

  • Cost All the prices are mentioned upfront. No haggling on either side. We have taken care in training servicemen associated with us so that there’s no untoward experience.

one more thing

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Not to brag but we got selected in the FBstart program. More glory to come 😉fb
Install the Gapoon App and check for lucrative offers on the much needed services.

Happy Weekend.



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