Are you worried about festival home prep this Diwali?

Festivals are the periods of celebration and are an important part of life of Indian people. They bring with them a sense of ethnic taste and enthusiasm which flows with energy in blood of every Indian. This is that time of the year when people of all age groups are busy making preparations of their own kind. Children being thrilled about the new clothes and toys and bluster them in front of their friends and mates, whereas old aged people day dreaming about the less health conscious but more sweet and tasty food which is their chance to grab for their tongue taste during festivals.

On the contrary there are ladies, homemakers and caretakers of the family for whom these festivals are much more of a responsibility than just fun- fun activities or gatherings. They are the ones who not only make sure that everyone carries smiling faces on these special occasions but also that every corner of the house is free from even a tiny speck of dust. With the new energy on these auspicious days, everyone wishes that the old negativity washes away and we have a new look of the place we live in and a gush of positivity in our hearts.

Hence in this busy getting life and hectic schedule Gapoon brings here a work aid cum festive gift for all the working men and women who no more would have to worry about their house cleaning or proper working of all the appliances so that every guest leaves your house with a spark in their eyes.

Here is the eye catching, adequate and masterly organized Gapoon’s

“FESTIVE HOME PREP PACKAGE” which gives you a hand with all these:

  • Full House Cleaning: We help you make your home ready for festival with expert cleaning using specialized machinery covering all rooms, bathrooms, sofa-carpet vacuuming, glass cleaning, floor scrubbing & much more. So, any bit of dust in your home needs to be in panic.
  • Comprehensive Pest Control: We ensure you a healthy environment in your home by making it get rid of all the cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and other insects. Besides this there is a warranty of 3 months for this pest control.
  • Maintenance Checkup: We no more let you worry about the proper working of everything in your house. This package also lets you go hassle-free & get a FREE Maintenance Checkup for all your handymen repairs for plumber, electrician, and carpenter.
  • Painting (Optional): As you get ready to decorate your house with lanterns and flowers, give it a new look by getting it painted with 25% OFF on interior and exterior painting services.

So this year even if you are working or are a housewife, if you are single or married, celebrate festivals with a tension free heart and enjoy Gapoon’s FESTIVE HOME PREP PACKAGE at reasonable costs and trustworthy services.

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