An inspiration to all: Yuvraj Singh

imagesEveryone faces problems in their lives. Their intensity varies. Sometimes they’re all out of our control. How such problems are handled and catered to is what shows a man’s success. Yuvraj Singh’s success is no secret anyone.



Yuvraj Singh’s famous story has been an inspiration to all since his diagnosis in 2011, in which he was titled as the Player of the series. Yuvraj has had a shining career, to state the statistics: over eight grand one day runs which include thirteen centuries and about fifty halves. The stellar event of six sixes is worth mentioning here.

After the World Cup of 11, Yuvraj finally got himself tested for his coughing and chest pains. He stretched it long, hesitant to leave cricket if it turned out to be something serious. His passion towards the game ran deep within him, even deeper than his instinct of not killing himself. The doctors called it medisastial semanoma. The cancer was sitting between his lungs, spreading to his heart. At MAX hospital, Delhi looking at how his cancer was metastasized, he was given a 95 percent chance of survival with negligent chances of recurrence.
Taking Lawrence Einhorn’s opinions into consideration, who had treated a similar form of cancer earlier, he underwent chemotherapy at Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. During three long sessions that made his life living hell of nausea and mental torture, what kept Yuvraj motivated and going was his love for playing cricket and that doctors had told him he would get cured and be back on the field after his treatment. He kept healing because he wanted to keep playing. That’s passion and is highly commendable. His tenacity towards his game let him come back to the field in the same year, 2012 on T-20 World Cup.
Cancer is a near death experience. Such experiences change our perception towards life, making us do things in altruistic form and empathise with the people sailing in same boat. YSF through its initiative YouWeCan, the non-profit organisation aims at providing support to cancer patients telling supporting them by the claim that “They are not alone”. It aims at spreading awareness about the disease and its early detection.
Yuvraj via his endeavours like youwecan, urges people not to relate Cancer with death and fight it back. He believes together, “You and We can fight cancer”.
Some of his other gestures of nobility towards fighting the horrible disease include opening up cancer detection centre in Ranchi. The eastern region saw various programmes about organising mass cancer screening .

On May 1st of this year, during the IPL season, Delhi Daredevils changed the colour of their jersey from blue to lavender to show their IPL franchise’s collaboration with Max Hospital and YouWeCan to provide free detection tests on that day. This match against Kings XI Punjab was dedicated towards all those suffering with this disease.

A year later, in 2013, Yuvraj published his autobiography, A test of my life, portraying his childhood and how his father, a former international cricket player, influenced his career path. The book also tells the readers about his won cancer battle.



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