Amazing Facts About Animal Kingdom

pug cuteThere are 7.7 million species of animals and birds present in the world. Animal Kingdom is highly diverse, ranging from larvae in puddles to blue whales in the seas. With such high diversity it is obvious that the world would be full of weird and surprising things that these animals adapt that help them survive.
Following is the list of such things that are sure to amaze you.


1. All Snails get pregnant!
Snails are creatures without gender distinction. They have reproductive organs of both the sexes. After mating, both the parties conceive and lay eggs! If you want to sound intelligent, the technical term is “hermaphrodite”.


2. Headstand before meals!
Flamingos have to feed with their heads upside down! Feeding process of Flamingos begins at their feet. They stir up the bottom of the shallow water they’re standing in. Then they bend down and fill their beaks with a scoop of water. The water is pushed out and the food is retained, working like a filter! Since the flamingos have to use their beaks in upside down manner too, their beaks have evolved to have such a different shape than rest of the birds!


3. Height of desperation!
If a female ferret goes out into the heat and fails at finding a male ferret, she’ll die! The reason behind this being heat increases levels of estrogen in her blood that causes bone marrow to dysfunction in its ability to make red blood cells and kill the poor ferret of anemia.
Be careful and sure while stepping out girl!


4. Dolphins can drown!
Dolphins are incapable of breathing underwater due to absence of gills. They have blowholes analogous to our nostrils and need to surface out for breathing. To prevent them from drowning while asleep, they sleep with their half brain awake which keeps them reminded that they need to swim to surface and breathe!


5. Females are the vicious ones!
Only female mosquitoes bite and suck blood. The itching sensation we feel when a mosquito bites is due to the release of their saliva into our blood. The saliva is a mixture of anticoagulants that helps the mosquito to suck the blood smoothly. The innocent males survive on flower nectar. The blood is needed for production of eggs. Stuffs people do for having kids! 😛


6. Your goldfish can get bleached!
If goldfish is kept in dull light, it’s colour fades away. It works in the similar way the phenomenon of sun tan works with us. Goldfish have chromatophores, pigments that change colour in response to light intensity. If kept in dark all the time, the chromatophores will not produce enough pigment to impart the lovely orange colour.


7. So many teeth!
Sharks may grow as many as 24000 teeth in their lifetime! Sharks are highly rich in terms of teeth they possess. They can afford to lose teeth easily! Teeth are generally shed out while attacking the prey. Their teeth losing rate is as high as a tooth every week at least.


8. Lighter than feathers!
Most of the birds like pigeons have light hollow skeletons. The light weight body is a major aspect that contributes to their flying capability. As a matter of fact, their bones are so light that their feathers weigh more than their bones!

Pigeon, River Thames, London, UK...Pigeon, Southbank of River Thames, London, UK. Feral birds may be at risk from Avian Flu bird flu virus
Pigeon, River Thames, London, UK…Pigeon, Southbank of River Thames, London, UK. Feral birds may be at risk from Avian Flu bird flu virus

9. How Romantic!
Sea otters are cute furry little creatures and they are also the largest of the weasel family. Sea otters hold hands while sleeping and eating to prevent drifting apart. Sometimes they even wrap some sea plants around themselves to strengthen the bond! So much love!


10. Sleeping and flying simultaneously!
Laysan albatrosses can sleep while flying. This ability acts as a defence mechanism against predators like whales and sharks. The bird rarely touches the ground after it learns to fly. It does rest on water though for feeding and sleeping though.

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