A Special Package from Gapoon this Christmas

GMC1Gapoon Introduces the special “Gapoon Maintenance Cover” Packages. We bring you a special package this Christmas. Infact, we bring you THREE special packages, starting Christmas 2015. Now, all your home maintenance needs can be taken care of at almost 30% of lower costs, and covered under warranty.


Gapoon is the first online home service provider to have both the Stand-alone and subscription-based home maintenance services in one App with various attractive, user friendly and cost efficient packages.

What is “Gapoon Maintenance Cover”?
Simply put, these are special packages designed for you to ensure you do not spend more on home maintenance and servicing. This is a subscription-based model available for quarterly and annual packages, starting from as low as INR 2,999 per year.
This GMC packages are applicable to the person, regardless of the location in Bangalore. If you change houses, the package (with certain applicable conditions) move with you. These Packages can be much cost and time effective as well as user friendly for its consumers.
You can choose from an option of 3 packages, or you can customize it further to suit your requirements.

Why GMC?
When we started Gapoon, it was to ensure that the process of maintaining your home would be an easy task for you. So you could get the best possible person for any home repair, painting or other tasks for your home. We tried to connect you to the same person, even if you moved houses. But that still left the challenge of how much a person spent on an average service.
Our research indicates that an average family spends approximately INR 10,000 a year simply on maintaining their home. This is primarily on vendor fees, small spare parts for your machines etc.
So we thought, what if we can create a package for you that simply eliminates the hassle of service fees, give you a warranty on the service that you receive and on the spare parts?

What are the packages?
We have three packages, created from what our customers needed most. But we understand that each home is different, and we will absolutely customize a package for you!
1. Package 1: GMC Home Maintenance Package
What is included: Plumbing, Electrician, Home Appliances, Laptop Repair & even carpenter services.
What are the terms :

  • Duration of 12 months
  • You get unlimited visits from any of the vendors, any time you require it.
  • 30 days warranty on all the services
  • Spare parts under INR 200 covered in every visit
  • Carpentry work consists of any and all work you want – be it fixing a broken door or getting a new couch built. Of course, the only condition is that it is capped a maximum of 50 hours in a year.

Cost: INR 5,999

2. Package 2: GMC Appliance Package
What is included: Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Microwave, Water purifier and geyser.
What are the terms :

  • Duration of 12 months
  • You get unlimited visits from any of the vendors, any time you require it.
  • 30 days warranty on all the services
  • Provide genuine parts and warranty available and charged as actuals.
  • Spare parts under INR 200 covered in every visit
  • All the appliances are covered in this package for unlimited visit with no extra service cost.

Cost: INR 2,999

3. Package 3: GMC Cleaning Package
What is included: House cleaning, Pest control.
What are the terms :

  • Duration of 12 months
  • You will get 2 visits per year for house cleaning and pest control each.
  • 30 days warranty on all the services
  • All the professionals are trusted and verified.
  • We provide herbal imported and non-invasive herbal chemicals.
House Cover Price
2 BHK INR 5,999
3 BHK INR 7,999
3 BHK – Duplex INR 8,999
4 BHK INR 10,999
4 BHK – Duplex INR 12,999
5 BHK INR 15,999


How do I sign up for it?
The signing up process is very simple. Just go to the Gapoon website and choose the package of your choice!
Get started and gift yourself a great home for 2016!



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