A chocolate contains on an average 4 insects, Yummy!

startThese little, squeaky, crawling pests are present in almost all homes. And they make life really miserable, from your food to that little hole you didn’t fix. Your recklessness will be their home. Here we list some common pests found in places you least expected them to be. It is important to educate oneself & take necessary precautions; as a healthy life starts with a healthy home. Have a look.





  • Dust mites. 
    We did read that millions of dust mites are present in our pillow feeding off our dead skin. But wait, it’s not just your pillow. Apparently, your AC vents which you didn’t clean even after being reminded multiple times is a major breeding ground for them.But, it’s present in many more places. Why point out just one? That’s because there’s no circulation when we switch on AC as we close all the windows and doors. So these dust mites can easily enter while you breathe and can cause ailments like hay fever to asthma.

    dust groomedhome
    A little less cute than that. via-groomedhome
  • Spider legs
    Did you know, a chocolate contains on an average 4 insects. Really. And the crazy part is you can’t just avoid it. Infact, 60 insect piece per 100 gram is acceptable by US FDA. Also, do you have a friend allergic to chocolate who’s most likely missing out on pleasures of life? Guess what, he’s not actually having a reaction to cocoa or any of chocolate’s other official ingredients. No, the flare ups are most likely triggered by the ground-up cockroach parts that contaminate every batch as reported by the Guardian.

    spider chocsmoothie
    Just the legs. via-chickensmoothie
  • Meal moth 
    About half inch long and off white with wings, meal moths, when they become adults are found all over the world from your kitchen, cupboards to pantries. Inspect anything that’s open. Rice, pasta, cake mix, everything is their favourite.But what’s the big deal? As the name suggests, it’s definitely not something pleasant. Bugs waste and secretion contaminate food and some people experience allergic reaction as a result. In humid climate, they can secrete carcinogen type stuff!

    Carcinogen incoming! via-pixabay
  • Ticks 
    Eight legs, small, reddish brown, almost a inch long body. They live in wooded area and near the grass, so if you have a nice garden or maybe a tree house, beware!They don’t fly but can jump. And that’s how they enter our homes mostly. Snacking on human and animal blood, they are responsible for carrying deadly diseases like Lyme and encephalitis.

    No one likes macro of a bug! via-pixabay
  • Termites
    Those ant like creatures with wings that resides in your stone age wooden cupboards or bed. These are some voracious eaters and destroy $2 Billion worth wood every year around the world. We know where they are found in our home, but your cupboard is old anyway, should you bother about anything else?
    Perhaps you health maybe. Greatest risk comes not from termites but the chemicals used to prevent their infestation. From allergic reaction to asthma, possibilities are endless.

    termite-hill-695209_640.jpg pixabay
    From where they rule! via-pixabay

We, at Gapoon, hope, this has raised some awareness on the issue. It’s about time we became aware of constant battle we fight with pests everyday. Sometimes regular cleaning is not enough & you should you seek professional pest control services to control their infestation. After all, you wouldn’t want to wheeze everytime you switch on the AC, just because you were too lazy to clean the filters.

Gapoon offers regular AC servicing to clean the filters & professional pest control services in Bangalore.



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