9 Gifts for your sister this rakshabandhan

happy-raksha-bandhan-festival-2015It’s that time of year when we celebrate sibling relationship, of all the infinite festivals Indians celebrate each year, Rakshabandhan is the only major one that celebrates that bond between brothers and sisters. When sisters tie beautiful rakhi on the wrist of their brothers, they pray for his well being. Brothers promise to stand by her in every ups and downs of life and then well, give gifts.

And since it’s for the sisters, let’s break the myth of boys being insensitive with this list of cool ideas for gifts. So go and surprise your sister with an awesome gift this Rakshabandhan.

  • Cash-crunched brothers. Economy in bad shape? But don’t you worry, there’s still a way you can honor the bond with personalized gift. Photo printed notes card can have any message you’d like, expect a thank you as well 🙂
    Bang for bucks!


  • Fashionista sisters
    So like 99.9% other girls, she’s into fashion as well, particularly apparels! What better gift could there be? On the plus side, you get immense flexibility on budget as well. Don’t go too low though 😉

    That’ for best brother!


  • Shoe speaks louder than words
    “I’m happy with just one pair of casual and sports and party wear” said no girl ever!
    Also there’s reason why you come out of shoe store in 15 minutes and they take lifetime. Pick out one that goes with her personality.

    I have no idea which footwear will suit, go for suave ones.


  • Music aficionados
    Girls at least don’t shy away from admitting their love for Taylor Swift, One Direction or Justin Beiber. A nice pair of cool headphones (because they’ll hate tech jargon) is just for that .

    Because where will you listen those pop (one direction) hits! Headphone in the pic is Urbanears’s Marc by Marc Jacobs.


  • Bags, handbags and all the bags
    Again, the sheer number of different bags and bag sizes available for women amazes me. Sure, there are bags for men  you can carry but it looks really awkward.

    It’s a man bag!

    But for your sister, there’s just so many option out there. Here’s some to ensure you get even more beautiful rakhi next year.

    Eco-friendly stuff.
    That’s a Jeweler roll. Whatever that means, looked like a handbag to me.


  • Instagram fanatic.
    Is she one of them? Well, many are. For those sisters, addicted instagram and clicking there own especially when there’s food on table, here’s some awesome necklaces that will sure be a unique gift & light on pocket.



  • Books!
    Intellectual types or a chick flick reader, there are plenty of options for your sis. Give a nice dose of feminism if you’d like or just a best seller entertainer. Your pick.

    Who’s the boss?


  • Cakes and Chocolates
    Every girl has got a sweet tooth. Let her satisfy her desire with no regrets by all those tasty truffle cakes and Swiss chocolates this Rakshabandhan. There are plenty of sites which can deliver these amazing chocolate bouquets for you.

    Yes. All of that is chocolate. Except base maybe.
  • Soft toys!
    Look at that pic, who wouldn’t want that. Epitome of cuteness which will automatically increase your chances of getting super awesome return gift in form of “Halo 5:  Guardian” (*wink wink*)

    That’s a tablet case as well!


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