8 things you should know about National Flag of India


“A flag not only of freedom for ourselves, but a symbol of freedom to all people.”

Continuing our patriotic run, we have assimilated some interesting facts about our National Flag that everyone should know:





















  • The present Indian flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. It was approved by the committee headed by erstwhile president Rajendra Prasad.


Remember that for quiz contests around national holidays!
  • The tricolor idea didn’t pop up all of a sudden. Infact, the first iteration of the flag dates back to  1904-06, designed by Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita. The flag was coloured red and yellow, symbolizing freedom struggle and victory respectively. It also had the words “Bonde Matoram” in Bengali written on it, a figure of ‘Vajra’ symbolizing strength and a white lotus in the middle depicting purity.
  • You can’t randomly print the flag with any material.  The ‘Bureaue of Indian Standards (BIS)‘ has set standards for the manufacturing of the flag. It has specified the cloth, dye, colour, thread count and each and every thing about the flag, besides laying out rules regarding its hoisting.



  • The Indian flag was hoisted on the highest mountain peak of the world, Mount Everest on 29 May 1953.


No, there were no DSLR then. Couldn’t find that original pic.
  • The Indian National Flag flew to space in 1984 as a medallion attached on the space suit of the Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma.


That’s not Rakesh Sharma with open hair.Again, NO CAMERA IN 1984!
  •  The National Flag hoisted at Connaught Place, New Delhi is one of the largest in India. It is 90 feet in length, 60 feet in width and is hoisted on a flagpole of 207 feet.


Looks scary big in real life!
  • India holds a world record of forming largest human flag with 50,000 volunteers in Chennai in December 2014.


Upside of having a billion people!
  • Apart from material specification, all the details like width to height ratio and colour characteristics are carefully documented.





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