8 Smart ways of feeding healthy things to fussy kids!

1We somehow manage to understand the importance of eating healthy and manage to eat up that not-to-tempting bowl of sprouts, telling ourselves how it’s going to save our trips to the doctor and help us feel all fit and pretty. But it’s very difficult to make little kids understand! Not all food items are eaten by kids obediently. You might feel the need of tying them down and spoon feeding them. No need to, just fool them!

Following are some ways of deceiving kids to eat healthy stuff! All you have to do is hide the healthy greens in cheese well!

  1. Use a Pizza topping!
    A pizza is covered with hundreds of coloured things. Add some of your own to them! One suggestion is eggplant. Be sure to finely chop it though. And do not overdo it. Increase the amount gradually. Once your trick is known, a pizza would be a complete no-no without a proper inspection.



  1. Chocolate cake? Add something more brown!
    Baking a cake? Is it chocolate? Then do add some Ragi (Finger Millet) to it! Ragi, rich in Calcium, is nothing pleasant to taste! The taste doesn’t change much, just the texture does. But if you have an observant kid, I don’t guarantee this to work more than a couple of times.



  1. Ash gourd Mash!
    High in minerals, ash gourd acts as a natural shield against many health problems. Add a few spices to grated ash gourd and serve cold as cucumber. Tastes like it. Looks like it. And who doesn’t like cucumber?



  1. Pumpkin or Potato?
    After cooking, pumpkin and potato both look alike. If they’re used to picking out pumpkin pieces from the gravy, add some pieces of potato too. The kids will go nuts picking out pumpkin from potato. I know, I did 😛 !



  1. Sprouts Dosa!
    In the batter of Dosa, you can add sprouts powder or oats powder too and keep making the dosas the regular way. It tastes the same, some even find it better! Make sure the consistency of the batter is not altered. No one likes dosas in broken pieces.



  1. Soya Chunks!
    High in protein that help in building muscles, soya is a mandatory substitute for vegans. In any gravy, add finely cut pieces of soya along with rest of the veggies. If asked about what the little pieces are, tell them it’s meat 😛 .



  1. Make a pickle out of those dates
    Dates have an immense amount of iron which builds Hemoglobin. If they refuse to believe when you say “Dates will get you dates”, try marinating dates like regular pickle; tastes fantastically well!



  1. Mixed Laddoos!
    Laddoos made of chickpea flour mixed with black gram, powdered groundnut and dry coconut have high nutritional value and taste factor. Lentils are a rich source of proteins, much needed by the body in early years.




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