8 Silliest Things Searched on Google

mac-459196_640Google is asked over 3.5 billion queries every day. Around 15 to 20 percent of these millions are claimed to be first time searches. Along with creativity this 15-20 percent also includes some of the funniest and bizarre things searched.
When we say “Google knows everything”. It is implied that “everything” includes facts and figures. But some fail to understand this. (:P) Below are the silliest Google searches that are sure to make you doubt your belief in human intelligence.


1. “Sometimes I like to lie on the floor and pretend to be a carrot!”
Thank God, you don’t like to sit in the microwave and pretend to be a cake to be baked!

2.”I hate it when I’m eating and a T-rex steals my chair!”
Oh yes, I hate that too! Which era are you from? Cretaceous period? I am sure this is some-other-saurus searching this query, then!

t rex

3. “How to make your cat love you?
How do you know it doesn’t? Have you asked him? Did he purr a “no”? Or meow a “yes”? Are you sure you speak cat well? 😛
Just feed it well and it will love you!


4. “How to raise your IQ by eating gifted children”
I am sorry to say, but you can’t raise your IQ even by using IQ increasing books or websites.


5.” Help I accidentally died!”
Internet services are available in afterlife? In third world countries we are still struggling to transport electricity to all the parts of the country even!
By the way, how’s the speed over there? ….Dying might be worth it ! 😛


6. “I like to yell at mice with shirt off!”
This is the weirdest one! Yelling? Shirtless? Height of randomness! What do you yell about anyway? Why they are not eating and sleeping well? 😛
Surely, people are fond of weird things.


7. “How come a cupcake is not a mineral?”
Did you come across some cupcake mine?
And to answer your question…because Geography defines mineral as a ‘naturally’ occurring ‘inorganic’ substance and a cupcake is chef-made and edible that is perfectly organic.


8. “I hate it when I lose my black friend in the dark.”
And you don’t lose your white ones? Does this friend wear black too? Maybe you are suffering from Night Blindness, time to visit your ophthalmologist!




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