8 Little beautiful things

butterfly-hand1Little things in life make life beautiful. Sometimes the beauty is not just superficial but demands to be felt. At times these things get overlooked. These things can be anything…from little butterflies to stars in the sky. All you got to do is take a deep breath and let yourself feel the intensity in sanctity of these things. It’s obvious that the list is non exhaustive and relative too. Following points are mere generalizations.


1. The Night Sky
You don’t need to be an astronomer and you don’t need a telescope. All you have to do is tip your head back and look. The night sky gives a sense of our little significance in the magnanimity of the universe. Our lives, our actions seem insignificant and stop worrying us for a few moments. Lose yourself in the silence and feel the liberation and tranquility.


2. A baby’s laughter
A smile on a baby’s lips puts one on ours too. That baby, unaware of your intentions for him and oblivious to the world outside his cradle is laughing. That baby expects nothing from you, poses no obligation upon you but is simply laughing. That’s absolute happiness.


3. Your loved ones sleeping safely
The plain face ,of that special being, without any corrugated brow or a frown, resting; gives a profound satisfaction. A part of you believes you are one of the major reasons he is soundly dreaming. It gives a sense of completion of responsibility.


4. The act of praying
Praying has nothing to do with giving up. On the contrary it is an acceptance that some things are beyond human control and to have faith and to believe in our choices.


5. Smile of gratitude
Why do philanthropists do charity? They do it for the gratitude that lights up the eyes of the shivering beggar who was just handed a blanket and for the smile that his lips do. That smile is capable of conveying gratefulness for the kind act driven by compassion.


6.A mother sharing a piece of bread.
Out of the two pieces, the mother hands the bigger one to the child. Because the joy of giving lasts longer than that piece of bread in your mouth, irrespective of the fact that both had been equally hungry. That’s selflessness.


7. Sunrise
The young red sun just about to rise from under the horizon is a pictorial translation of Chicken Little’s “Today is a new day!”.


8. The Mirror: Ourselves
Look at your own reflection in the mirror and appreciate the way you look in our own unique ways. Acceptance and appreciation that’s what it takes!




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