8 Great Examples of Indian Jugaad

men-827301_64015th September, Dr Visvesvaraya’s birthday, is celebrated as the country’s Engineer’s day. He is highly held as a pre-eminent engineer of India. Dr. Visvesvaraya was the chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad, as well as the chief engineer in the construction of the Krishna Sagar dam in Mysore. For all his contributions, he is the recipient of the highest honorary award- Bharat Ratna. As common as this profession is in the country, this day isn’t.



In the honor of Engineer’s day, we have brought forward one thing that is very indigenous to us- ‘Jugaad’. Need is the incentive for a creative jugaad. Following are some of the éxamples that define engineers at their best.

1. Iron is the saviour!
Need an instant coffee and got no kettle? Use an iron. It could be used for shooing away those mosquitoes too! Just be careful not to burn Jeffrey Archer or Dan Brown!



2. Laptop’s battery not working? This is worth trying!
A pair of AAA cells packed together and connected to the battery make a good substitute! No need to break your head when your battery gives up next time!



3. What matters is that it works!
When the situation is so crucial, the following set up works! Look, it has even got a computer fan. So what if it is bigger than the laptop itself, it works!



4. CDs might be outdated, but their use isn’t.
This is just gap it covers, but the list is non exhaustive in nature!


5. You only need a lock, doesn’t matter what type!
Here’s another solution for your car. No need to go to a mechanic because of that damaged car door. Just put a latch on it. If it works on your house door, there is not reason to doubt it on your car’s door!


6.New kids, Old car?
This is not only creative but sheer genius.

via fun2video.com
via fun2video.com

7. A perfect example of “Best from Waste”!
Presents a better solution than selling it out by the kilos.


8. When you are persistent on how your ride should look like.
Too broke to own a car, then give your cycle that luxury feel of a car. Even if it is steer wheel.

via http://www.gammanews.in/
via http://www.gammanews.in/


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