8 Must Try Adventure Sports Before You Die

mountain-918637_640For some adventurous people, the thrill of their daily lives is not adequate to LIVE! They need stronger adrenaline rush. A wild jump towards gravity, being next to things that would love to take a bite or two of them or moving at incredibly fast speeds is their thing!



Following are some of the most fascinating adventure sports.

1. BASE Jumping
BASE here is an acronym for the set of things one can jump from; Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. The jump basically turns into parachuting or wingsuit flying. The danger factor is higher than sky diving here since the jump altitude is lower. So you got to act fast and got to act right! There’s no room for mistakes!


2. Heli- Skiing
It’s regular skiing with just one little modification. Instead of using a ski lift to reach uphill, a helicopter is used. The major risk is that of avalanche and the helicopter flight itself!


3. Scuba Diving
Diving with a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is called Scuba Diving. Apart from the threat of attacks by underwater ferocious creatures, a fast dive to surface can cause bends leading to organ failure.


4. BMX
Bicycle Motorcross Racing. Includes awesome super cool stunts with super high risk of all types of injuries!


5. Mountain Climbing
The thing with mountain climbing is that whatever injuries you get while climbing up, you have to endure them while climbing down as well. These injuries can range from little scratches to serious ones like broken bones or torn ligaments!
You want another level of difficulty? Add ‘Free Solo’ to Mountain Climbing; no ropes; no climbing equipments!


6. White water rafting
An inflatable raft with multiple participants is used to navigate in rough river waters. You can choose the level of difficulty here. It varies with place, depends on turbulence of water; can be just a push here and there or complete toppling of the raft even!


7. Bull Running
Native to Spain, this involves running in front of bulls. Bulls running behind are a major incentive to push your strength to its limits…but they still are bulls, will not think twice before running over you! The only thing you got to do is RUN!


8. Highlining
Imagine a rope between two cliffs with a deep valley below it. No safety nets. No balancing poles! It sure makes those circus acts look like baby tricks!




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