7 ways to tweak your lifestyle for loosing weight

weight loss motivation quotes pinterest-UeQpOn lifestyle Wednesday, we look at a problem that’s plaguing most of the world- How to loose weight without sweating it out.
Sure, you can find many diet plans and “Slim sauna belt” but that’s not losing weight. You’re ultimate going to regain it. So what’s the best way to actually “loose” weight? Answer is simple lifestyle tweaking.


Although, everyone’s physiology is different, we look at some ways that can surely help you in this regard.

  • Walk more
    As simple as that, add a few more steps or stairs. Don’t use elevators that often. Take a slow start if you like, thrice a week. Get one of those pedometer or smart watches that’ll show the amount of calories burnt and a constant reminder or motivator for you to increase your stats and be in shape for next date.

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  • Don’t miss meals
    Breakfast to be precise. It’s the first meal that takes the blow, be it the late night party or sheer laziness. But don’t even think that skipping breakfast or any standard meal means less calories consumed and thus, weight loss. No, infact as a result of skipping a meal, you’re more like to gorge on others thus ending up with more calories so next time, know when to call time while playing counter strike or preparing excel sheet late at night.

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  • Close the damn kitchen
    Because when you know you have a desert in fridge, you’re gonna go and eat it. The best thing to do to prevent late night craving which studies shows add up to almost 300 calories a day is to clean it all up, wipe dishes and brush your teeth and hope your laziness might benefit you this one time 😛 .

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  • Eat fruits, don’t drink them
    There are many benefits of that. For starters you’re getting more healthy fibres than usual. Good for heart.
    Now, liquid carbohydrates just aren’t as filling as solids. Rationale is when you chew a food, your guts gets a message to be ready for digestion, drinking on the other hand doesn’t make you full quickly so you end up consuming more.
    Finally blow to juices though comes from the fact that they contain 48% more calories than fruits. Consume it daily and you’re looking at 2 added kilo a year.

  • Coffee!
    Your regular cup of milk with sugar has lot less calories than those fancy drinks, a recent study in more than 100 coffee shops in Mumbai revealed that the brewed coffee or tea on average contained about 63 calories including sugar while fancier drinks had at least 240 calories. Daily habit of this saves you 9 kg annually. Go figure.

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  • Add protein to your diet
    Same logic, lean and low protein diet will keep you full and prevent you from overeating. Try nuts, eggs, yogurt and meat. Also, some expert says eating frequent but smalls meals helps in keeping blood sugar level in check. That is when you have enough self restraint to not gorge on food like a monster.

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  • Sleep away 🙂
    Here’s something good. Want to not gain excess weight. Have a sound sleep. Researchers at UPenn found that sleep deprivation is more likely to cause weight gain by doing a survey on group of people. So it turns out having 10 hours of sleep is not a bad deal after all.

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