7 Ways to Keep Your Room Organized  

office-imageWe all love going back to a clean and organized room. But generally, keeping the room that way is more of a challenge. Here are some simple ways you can keep your room clutter-free most of the time:

  • Step back and evaluate your space-Take a deep breath, step back and think what are the things that will make your room less cluttered and feel better to be in. Do you want to take on your closet? Is there a giant pile of dirty and clean clothes in the corner? Are all your video games littering the floor? These things will seem to make the most progress and will keep you motivated to finish the entire room.
  • Undercover Storage: We are used to shoving all the debris into the cupboard or shelves when we catch the cleaning bug. Instead, invest in some boxes that can be stored under your bed. Or invest in a bed that has boxes built into it, and a side table with a drawer. All the pillows, sheets and such gear can be tucked away inside, keeping the surface clean.
    You can also use the side table and drawer to stow your books and every day paraphernalia, leaving the top free and clean. This also makes for easy dusting!
  • Put away your clothes: It is easy to toss all the used clothes on the bed when you come back home. Take an extra minute and put it on a hanger and hang it up on the cupboard door. Don’t put it into the wardrobe directly… they do need to air out!
  • Organize: Take a weekend and organize your clothes in the order you generally wear them. The ‘everyday’ clothes in the front and top, the home wear next to it, and the party-wear or occasion-based wear a little below or behind. This way you don’t rip through allof your clothes every day trying to find that piece you want to wear.
    You can also try further organizing it according to colour.
  • Colourful Hook Hanger:Find a pre-cut wooden base and screw in a jumble of differently collared perfect hooks. Store scarves, purses, keys, etc. by the door. It will not only organise your purses and keys but also it will make your room look better.
  • Do a Wardrobe Cleanse every season: You’d be surprised about how many clothes hide in the wardrobe that you would never wear. Do a wardrobe cleanse every 3 months. Have your most ruthless friend on standby when you are throwing away old stuff, so you are not tempted to sneak back the ratty old tshirt!
  • House-clutter sweep through: Do you know how much junk you can accumulate in a month? All those freebies from the supermarket, gifts from well-meaning friends that you hate, all the covers and boxes from shopping sprees that you save thinking ‘can use it again’. Just remember – all of that is junk. If you haven’t thought of a use for it in the first week, and not gotten around to using it in a month, either find a place to store it out of sight or simply throw it. You probably won’t ever use it.


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