7 times Underdogs Proved Everyone Wrong

underdogsWorld of sports is no exception to the rule of upsets. The impact a upset has can be phenomenal; from riots to complete change of face of that game in winner’s and loser’s country . The most hard hit are the loyal fans. But Underdogs have time and again proved they should never be taken lightly.


    • Miracle on ice, 1980

      1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid New York, US beat USSR.US last won against USSR back in 1960. Since then, the record for Soviet Union was 27-1-1 in Olympic competition. Soviets were real pros at ice-hockey with players coming from different background like army, police, government services while US players were mostly amateur college guys. Add that to intense rivalry and cold war plus the fact that US got spanked 10-3 in exhibition match jus few days before this.

      As USSR backup Goalie Vladislav Tretjak (20) contemplates his team's loss, Team USA celebrate their 4-3 upset defeat of the Soviets at the XIII Winter Olympics on February 22, 1980, at Lake Placid, N.Y. That’s USSR’s substitute goalie. Via-ickingscourier.net


  • Cricket World Cup Final, 1983

    Ask your dad and you’ll know.West Indies dominated the cricketing scene in 1970s and 1980s. India started the tournament as unfancied underdogs with London bookies offering 50:1 odds against them. West Indies arguably had the most fearsome bowling attack of history comprising Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding and Andy Roberts and the best batsman of his time, Viv Richards. In 1979, the Indians failed to win a single game and in 1975, succeeded in beating only lowly East Africa.So when India did manage to beat WI in final, Clive summed it up, “Indian cricket has arrived. And it’s here to stay.”

    world cup 


    • Buster Douglas KO’s Mike Tyson

      Tokyo, Japan. 1990. The date when invincible “Iron Mike” got KOed by 42-1 underdog in 10th round!Watch it here:

      Buster-Douglas-001 When iron melts.. via-theguardian


  • Roberta Vinci defeating Serena Williams

    US Open, 2015.The Grand Slam and entry to hall of fame  was just there for the taking.
    Had she won, she’d be first since Stefanie Graf to win a calendar grand slam. Serena Williams lost to unseeded Vinci  2–6, 6–4, 6–4 in semi-final.  It was the first Grand Slam in her last five appearance that Williams had lost.



  • USSR defeats USA men’s basketball team

    1972 Summer Olympics If ice hockey was USSR’s thing, basketball was America’s. After all they run one of the most rich leagues, the NBA!

    “Team USA had never lost a game in the Olympics up to that point, 63-0 overall. The Americans led 50-49 with three seconds left when the Soviets inbounded the ball but were then awarded a timeout and three seconds on the clock.
    On the next play, Team USA deflected an inbound pass out of bounds and thought they had won. But the officials – including the then-president of FIBA – said the clock had not properly been reset and gave the Soviets another chance which they took advantage of, clinching an improbable 51-50 win that many Team USA supporters still dispute to this day.” -SF Gate




  • 2004 UEFA European Championship

    Lisbon, Portugal. 2004.The whole tournament was full of upsets with Italy, Spain and Germany getting knocked out in group stage. Greece, the underdogs eliminated England and Netherland on their way to final where they defeated Portugal 1-0 winning their first title.




  • Nadal’s defeat in Roland Garros

    2009, French Open.The reign of “King of clay” finally ended when Robin Soderling defeated him in fourth round . A swede ranking 25 was a nobody in clay-court.
    After the game Nadal said “His game didn’t surprise me, I was more surprised by mine.”
    Nadal again began his streak next year until he got defeated again by Novak Djokovic in 2015.




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